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ShofarThis section of the web site (Note 1.) is for the purpose of holding present day thoughts given as a (rhema) word from the Lord. Whilst some of the content may speak in the first person (i.e. "Thus saith the Lord....") the reader should in no way assume that any message carries a de facto divine authority. Everything is to be tested - by the Word and the Spirit.

In the context of this site, prophecy is defined as the ‘forthtelling’ of the Word of God – in particular, God’s Word concerning His Son, Jesus the Messiah of Israel and Saviour of the world. The One who was the horizon of ancient Israel’s prophets (Rom 1:2; 1Peter 1:10) (1) is the central message of the apostolic church in every age.(2) The Jesus-centred church is God’s prophet to the world – a letter from Messiah.(3) Jesus intends His church to proclaim His word and reveal His Living Presence to the world, empowered by the Holy Spirit.(4) Prophecy is God’s gift to strengthen the faith of His people,(5) by shining heaven’s constant light on earth’s changing realities.(6) ‘Foretelling’ is God’s business, and anything that purports to originate with Him must be subject to the whole counsel of Scripture and the severe tests laid down.(7)

Divine help, instruction and guidance

God’s nature is unchanging.(8) He still communicates through the Holy Spirit as in biblical times. As the full and final revelation of God, Scripture can neither be added to nor taken away from.(9) Without the Holy Spirit we are left with only our rational minds to interpret the written word.(10) With the Holy Spirit’s help, the written Word of yesterday becomes the living Word of today, revealing everything necessary for godly life and salvation.(11)

We are instructed by God's word that we are expected to listen for, and be open to the voice of God through the Spirit (12) and the Son (13); and to avoid quenching the Spirit (14) or rejecting God's voice (15) as He speaks to us.  We need to strive to "test all things" (16) and walk in the direction God gives to us (17).

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