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Brigitte Gabriel
It is time for peace-loving Muslims to speak out
Brigitte Gabriel was born in Lebanon and raised by her Maronite Christian parents. Having experienced the war there as a child she now lives in America. She speaks powerfully on the subject of the terrorism we are seeing today.  More ...
Brigitte Gabriel
Copts in Egypt
Christians Face Persecution and Extinction in Islamic Lands
With the rise of violent Islamic regimes, Clare M. Lopez writes on the dire situation facing followers of Christ across the Middle East and North Africa. More ...
Clare M. Lopez
Syrian Conflict
The Plain Man's Guide to a Complicated War
The mix of good guys and bad guys and how we define them is key to understanding the conflict in Syria and the IS Jihad in the area. More ...
In the foothills of World War Three?
Street preacher arrested but cleared
David Dolan update
Double-speak when clarity is vital
The Intersection of Three Crises
Chaos and death in Mariupol
Visions and Dreams awakening Muslims
Paris Attack Underscores a Deeper Malaise
Church planting amongst Muslim communities
Voting; when a bad thing can be a good thing
Gaza Situation Report
Borderlands: Hungary Maneouvers
Persecution in Pakistan
Berlin fears Court's threat to European Union
Loss of the Ukraine: Russia examines its options
Ukraine and the 'Little Cold War'
Ukraine Turns From Revolution to Recovery
Obama's Bluff
Highland pastor writes of God's miracles
Judgment; cause and effect
Senior minister takes the Kirk to task on sexuality issue
Kirk confirms its spiritual demise
The Church of Scotland: 1560 - 2009
The Acute Jihadist Threat in Europe
Halal or Horse: what are we eating?
New Moderator-designate for FC Continuing
Police chaplain forced out over same-sex views.
Death for Preaching Christ in 'Liberated' Libya
An earnest call
Aberdeen church leaves the Church of Scotland
Pakistani girl raped and her family threatened.
Algeria: Islamists a 'large and existential threat'
EA responds on Steve Chalke on homosexuality
Training Event for Pioneer Mission
Christianity being wiped out in the Middle East
School massacre and a call to repentance
Tron Congregation Leaves Church Building
Remarkable Pictures
Jordan next?
French marching against same-sex marriage
Israel and Hamas Pause for Negotiations
Israel Ambassador thanks UK church leaders
Potential for war in Israel
Reality in the Highlands to close
America: what now?
Benghazi attack: the Set-Up and the Cover-Up
Cameron warns of nuclear-armed Iran
Worldwide body expresses its concerns to the Kirk
CARE tackles Government on broken promises
It’s the Tron today: but what next?
Are You a Member, And a Member of What?This article has associated audio
Why Global Blasphemy laws would be a mistake
Europe Bows to Muslim Demands to Limit Free Speech
Christians facing backlash from Anti-Islam Film
War and Bluff: Iran, Israel and the US
Down's Syndrome girl charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan
Christians crucified in Egypt
War of words over Dawkins visit to the Hebrides
Why does the BBC ignore Usain Bolt's God?
Pentecostals and Presbyterians get together
Hebridean churches losing the culture war
Olympic 'Praise Bus' ends 65-day journey
Homosexual lobby wages economic war in the US
New Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow
Phew: Assad won’t use them on us!
Consequences of the Fall of the Syrian Regime
Olympic security debacle: 40 years on
Russian Churches to defend British Christians
Tron Church quits the Church of Scotland
Report of recent trip to Israel
Top Saudi cleric calls for destruction of churches
The Perils of Global Intolerance
Where is Russia headed?
Chuck Colson the Prison Fellowship founder dies
Anglicans accuse London Mayor of censorship
Highland International Church open for service
Healing on the Streets appeal ASA ruling
Germany moving centre-stage
Christian Exodus from Iraq
BBC will mock Jesus but not Mohammed
Christine Keeler on the 'Swinging Sixties'
Inverness minister quits Kirk to form new church
Case against street preacher thrown outThis article has associated audio
Germany calls for 'invasion' of Greece
Nigeria: Christians killed by extremist groups
Stratfor: Free Reports for 2012
Military Drill or Preparation for War?
Pray for this lady; a prophet to the nation
Making Sense of the Syrian Crisis
United States plans to lock up its citizens
Tain minister to leave parish
Evangelicals say 'No' to same-sex marriage
Syria, Ezekiel and the possible consequences
An interview with Asia Bibi facing death penalty
What to do about Greece... and everything else
Sharia controlled zones in London
From the Med to the Hindu Kush: what next?
Kirk hosting Christian/Muslim Conference
Tibetan sacred chant in Aberdeen church
US denomination ordains first gay minister
MSP congratulates KJV transcription effort
Coptic Christians in escalating protests
Skye minister to leave Church of Scotland
Police apologise to Christian café owner
Iranian Pastor to hang for 'thought crimes'
New York protesters clash with police
Episcopal Church and Interfaith event
Change of name for Ghobe Ministries
Harvest is past; the summer has ended
To discipline or not: that is the question
Re-Examining the Arab Spring
Hope amongst 'spirits of judgement and fire
A 'Very Urgent Call'
A letter from Afghanistan
John Stott called home
Still singing off different 'hymn' sheets
Insecurity and Unity
Support group hosts 'Opening Doors Evening
Geert Wilders cleared of 'hate speech' charges
The Church of Scotland 'trajectory' rejects God
The 'earthquake' of the Arab Spring: now Syria
BBC 'Suicide' programme one-sided
Church of Scotland: leaders meeting planned
DISSENT in the Kirk
Multitudes, multitudes in the Valley of Decision
Splits in the foundations
Going for Free?
Kirk minister ponders leaving on gay clergy issue
Forthcoming General Assemblies
Visegrad: A New European Military Force
Muslims come to Christ as others seek violence
Muslim Brotherhood: a force for good?
The Royal Wedding; a special day indeed
David Wilkerson dies in car accident
Persecution forcing Christians out of Egypt
Van driver instructed to remove cross
Facebook lines itself up with Biblical prophecies
Orkney Bible translator killed in bus bomb attack
Church wins court case over banned ad.
Israeli family slaughtered by terrorist.
Preservation of Historic Scottish Presbyterianism
Kirk minister takes issue with Prime Minister
Pakistani Christians protesting recent killing
God has no place in British law say judges
Afganistani Christian facing death freed.
Christchurch earthquakes: a sombre story
Shimon Peres: Google, Facebook and Antichrist
Libya: another domino falls?
Civil Partnerships, Marriages and churches
Irish Evangelical Alliance backs gay 'marriage'
Lord Mackay speaks out on Civil Partnerships
Gay partnerships to be classed as marriages
They're building a new caliphate says Israeli PM
Egypt rejects Muslim Brotherhood
A Letter from Egypt
YWCA abandons its Christian name
Women victims in Israel targets of terror attack
Case about 'orientation discrimination' postponed
BBC to screen prime-time screening of Nativity story
Deface the Bible but don't touch the Koran
Free Church to allow hymns and instruments
Lennox takes on Hawking: again!
The BBC's obsession with sexuality
God at work in Pakistan amongst the dangers
Chilean miner tells Luis Palau of God at work
UK denies entry to persecuted Christian speaker
Al-Queda launches holy war  against Christians
A Middle East exodus of Biblical proportions
Bible Society launches new Gaelic Gospel
Tesco slow in 'Halal' refund
Miracle rescue of trapped Chilean Miners
Christians called to be 'not ashamed' of Christ
Northern Christian Police Association news
Roma gypsies: Germany yesterday, France today
Papal visit 460 years after the Reformation
Koran burning threat offensive and dangerous
Don't mention God: no do!
Pakistani Christians being raped and killed
Prospect of a Gay Bishop: a Scottish response
Afghan Christians urgent need of prayer
'Strathpeffer' Convention move to Inverness
Initial report following team visit to Congo
Soldiers and their families; the cost of separation
News update of Inverness team in Congo
Congolese Macedonian call; a Highland response
The Reformation: they think it's all over; it is now
Franklin Graham disinvited from Pentagon Prayer
Anti-semitism on the rise in France
Judges biased against Christians say churchmen
American evangelist jailed in Glasgow
Haiti: three days of prayer and fasting
Islamic scholar issues fatwa against terrorism
Amazing move of the Spirit in Algeria
Young people coming to faith in Finland
Case against Christian couple thrown out
Healing ministry: seasonal update report
Free Church pulls out of talks with Kirk
Paul Moore; whistleblower for God?
Islam4uk march in support of Shari'ah Law
South African Anglicans join in 'Confessing'
Christian minister sacked from radio station
Minister calls Kirk's Assembly to account
Megrahi's release: what do you think?
Highland pastor's wife on the mend
Increasing persecution of Pakistani Christians
The Kirk in Crisis: nailing colours to the door
The Kirk is imploding
A bridge across an old divide?
No bush has a life guarantee
Logos Hope visit to Edinburgh
Gay adoption critics branded as homophobes
Muslim to head BBC religious broadcasting
Mr. Phelps you are not welcome in Scotland
Credit crunch and search for ‘meaning of life’
Fresh bid to reunite the Kirk and the Free Church
Beauty contestant gives 'wrong' answer
Dobson to set record straight
Bishop defender of the faith resigns
How to respond to Jehovah's Witnesses
Scotland deports Christian workers
Churches say Government is gambling with lives
Christian Workers having to Pack their Bags
Indian Christians reaching out to Jade Goody
Controversial priest declines promotion
Mum faces dismissal for asking for prayer
Dutch MP determined to come to Britain
Can a Theological College Be Born in a Day?
Public trust in media sinks to a new low
Army chaplain fears 'God' will offend atheists
Scots schools to teach gay rights...
Grandparents forced to hand children to gay couple
Scottish missionary imprisoned in The Gambia
A gay minister for Queen's Cross Church
Pope more concerned with Truth than popularity
Bible Illuminated - of God or the Devil?
Indian church leader speaks on Mumbai attacks
Recital of controversial poems in Welsh Assembly
Violence against Christians in Asia
Parent jailed over issue with school
Auntie Beeb in crisis
Christian counsellor fired by Relate
India must protect its Christians
Christian worker murdered in Afghanistan
Christian vicar says she was conned
RC Church produces Bible with Hindu texts
Crisis in Pakistan
News (08/08/08) from the Christian Institute
Hybrids, Abortion, Saviour Siblings, Fathers
Londonistan - a book review