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Myriam's Story revisistedMyriam and others
Christian Life
Length: 4 minutes
In December 2015 the Christian TV station SAT7 for Kids interviewed a young girl who was a refugee from Iraq. Myriam's story went viral and also her three prayers were answered.
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Myriam's Story and SongMyriam
Christian Life
Length: 7 minutes
Myriam, a young Iraqi refugee, was interviewed by SAT-7 KIDS about her experience in fleeing her home in northern Iraq from so called Islamic State (IS) in the summer of 2014. She concludes her testimony with a Christian song.
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A Coffee Conversation with Tommy HuntTommy Hunt with Colin Wilson
CLC Inverness bookshop on the move.
Length: 26 minutes
Along with his wife Cynthia ran the Christian Literature Crusade bookshop and ministry in the Scottish Highlands from 1973 - 2005. In this conversation with Colin Wilson he speaks about his early years, how he came to know the Lord and be led in the CLC ministry.
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Intercessors for Israel Scottish Prayer Conference 2014Chuck Cohen
Israel Prayer Week at Ellel Scotland: May 2015
Length: 35 minutes
Chuck Cohen of Intercessors for Israel speaking to Colin Wilson on the occasion of the 2014 Israel Prayer Conference at Ellel Scotland's Blairmore House. Just after the recording was made three Jewish young men were kidnapped and murdered in Jerusalem. The 2015 IFI Conference is scheduled for 4 - 11 May.
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The Place of Israel in God's PurposesDerek Prince and David Noakes
Esther 4-14
Length: 13 minutes
The late Derek Prince speaks about the place of Israel in the Word of God and in His purposes. David Noakes surveys how Great Britain failed to keep its promises to the returning Jewish people and the spiritual consequences of that.
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The UN and anti-IsraelismProf. Gil Troy
Esther 4-14
Length: 2 minutes
On November 10, 1975, the General Assembly of the United Nations passed Resolution 3379, which declared Zionism a form of racism. Although later rescinded this anti-semitic action has remained as a 'libel' against the Jewish people; and the spirit behind the sentiment not only remains but is growing again.
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The Art of Missing the PointButch and Sundance
Christian Life
Length: 2 minutes
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are trapped on a high ledge. With a rock strewn river far below their options for escape narrow down to one. However while considering the prospect of a perilous jump, Sundance completely misses the point.
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A briefing to the Tron congregationRev. W. Philip
Are You a Member, And a Member of What?
Length: 0 minutes
A briefing delivered by Rev. William Philip on the Sunday prior to a meeting of the Glasgow Presbytery of the Church of Scotland which was to decide on the Presbytery's response to the congregations secession from the Church of Scotland over the matter of sexuality and gay clergy. In the event the Presbytery voted 2:1 to repossess the church and the manse.
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Called to be a Pastor to PastorsDavid Masson
Obstacles to Spiritual Growth: An Overview
Length: 14 minutes
David Masson is a former lawyer who was called as a 'Pastor to Pastors'. In his work of teaching pastors in Uganda he established there the Andrew Discipleship School. He was interviewed on this work by Ken Hancock of Aberdeen-based Stained Glass Radio.
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The deligitimisation of IsraelColonel Richard Kemp
Esther 4-14
Length: 5 minutes
Col. Richard Kemp - former commander of the British Army forces in Afghanistan speaking at a 'I Believe in Israel' conference about the global propaganda campaign aimed at the deligitimisation of Israel.
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