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Street outreach in Inverness in September 2021Molly and Richard
Reaching Out
Length:6 minutes
Two believers, one from London and the other from West Sussex take their faith onto the streets of Inverness in mid-September 2021 so that those in the Highland capital that day can learn of salvation in Jesus Christ.
Inverness Sept 2021.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 128.2MB (06:17)
The alternative view on Covid vaccinesIrish doctors
Survival Kit
Length:7 minutes
These doctors from Eire speak out a contra-narrative on the subject of the Covid-19 vaccines. This is in contrast to the deafening silence from the UK medical profession on the dangers of these novel and untested gene therapies.
Irish doctors.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 9.1MB (07:00)
Survival Kit
Length:0 minute
A short trumpet blast from the shofar: the horn which was used as a call to arms.
Short shofar.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 499.9KB (00:08)
Doctor addresses parents of school childrenDr Daniel Stock
Survival Kit
Length:6 minutes
Dr Dan Stock addressed the Mt. Vernon School Board in Indiana on Friday, August 7th, over the futility of mask mandates and restrictive Covid-19 policies in most schools.
Dr Daniel Stock at parents meeting.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 19.4MB (06:36)
Rodger Hodginson blows the whistle on vaccinesDr. Roger Hodginson
Survival Kit
Length:0 minute
An Oxford-educated English pathologist speaks to a former BBC journalist and accuses those who are pushing the Covid-19 vaccine programme as perpetrating a crime against humanity.
Rodger Hodginson Clip small version.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 2.3MB (00:36)
Why Vaccine Passports Equal Slavery ForeverDr. Naomi Wolf
Survival Kit
Length:15 minutes
Dr. Wolf sounds the alarm over the extent to which we are heading right into a combination of Brave New World and 1984.
Watch Dr Naomi Wolf Discuss Why Vaccine Passports Equal Slavery Forever.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 73.0MB (15:55)
Tom Lennie interview.mp4
Is there any word from the Lord?
Length:11 minutes
Tom Lennie interview.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 68.9MB (11:42)
Becoming overcomers.mp4Cliff and Monica Hall
Christian Life
Length:7 minutes
A promo video for a 'Becoming Overcomers' webinar series commencing Wednesday, 14 October, 2020
Becoming overcomers.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 211.9MB (07:05)
Scotlands Hate Crime billDavid Robertson
Christians and Politics
Length:40 minutes
David Robertson speaking on moves by the Scottish Government to replace the current blasphemy law and form new legislation with new more stringent and wide-ranging legislation.
David Robertson 480.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 325.4MB (40:26)
A Troublesome Gospel.mp4Jonathan Stephen and others
Christians and Politics
Length:1 hour 2 minutes
This is the full-length message delivered by Jonathan Stephen in 2008. The video has been augmented with introductory remarks and additional material (video/graphics) and input from other sources and commentators.
A Troublesome Gospel.mp4Watch Download MP4 Video 503.5MB (1:02:34)
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