Couple Support Training Day(s)

Friday and/or Saturday 20/21 June, 2008  - a course on either one or both days

If you are interested in one of these sessions, please contact:
Colm Black, Family Project, Hilton Church of Scotland
Tel. 01463 233310  E-mail:
Christians Together

P-R Training at Kinmylies
A group being trained in the use of the Prepare/Enrich programme at Kinmylies Church
Prepare / Enrich is a support programme for couple who are married, in a relationship or who are engaged to be married. The delivery of the programme is done by 'mentor' couples and a training course for mentor couples  was delivered in Inverness in  2006.

Since then, one of the churches which has made extensive use of the programme is Hilton Parish Church via Colm Black (Family Support Worker) and his wife Isabel. Colm wrote a short piece for National Marriage Week (7 - 14 Feb 2008).
You can also find more information from Colm about mentoring by <clicking here>.

It is hoped to run a further course (or courses) in Inverness over the weekend of  a Friday/Saturday 20/21 June, 2008 (depending on the preferences of those who might like to be involved).

It is stressed that the mentor couple training is for any couple in the churches who might feel a calling to the work of supporting others in their relationships and/or intentions to marry.

If you would like further information about these specific course dates please <click here>
The course cost will be around £75.00 - to include course manual, materials and trial inventory (Note 1.).

Further information about the Prepare/Enrich programme in general can be <found here>.


Note 1.
The Prepare/Enrich programme is initiated by the completion (by the couple being mentored) of an inventory (questionairre), and the analysis gives guidance to the mentoring couple. The inclusion of an inventory along with the training gives the trainee mentor couple experience in the process from the other couples perspective.

Prepare/Enrich (Guest) 29/05/2008 18:52
A new guide for working with groups

Prepare/Enrich have been developing and delivery group sessions for a number of years. We have now produced a new group package including
* detailed information on running a group course,
* a collection of exercises
* key tips and
* a Powerpoint presentation to accompany your sessions

The guidance is flexible so you can run the course over a single day, a weekend or a series of evenings. The information will be incorporated into future training, but if you would like a pack please contact us and we will send this to you as soon as it’s finalised – any day now. The manual and exercises can be emailed to you free, or printed and sent by post for £5. The accompanying Powerpoint is currently only available electronically.

A new Couple relationship tool to reach additional couples

We have been working to adapt a new tool for working with couples, originating from Prepare Enrich in the US. This is called the Couple Checkup. It’s on online tool with many of the features of the existing Prepare/Enrich inventories but the initial reporting is provided directly to the couple, who can then seek further insight through practitioners.

This is not seen as a competitor to the tried and tested, face to face process, but more as an accessible entry route into the service, particularly for those couples not connected into groups that can provide the traditional support.

You can find more information about it on our website, at

and the tool itself also has a direct entry point at
Editor 13/06/2008 11:01
If you would like to (or can only) attend on a Friday, now is the time to make that known.
What can be said is that there will be a course running (d.v.) at Hilton parish church on the Saturday starting at 10.00am.

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