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Brittany Price 06/03/2008 19:56
Hey all! Yeah i would definately be curious about the music that scottish teens our age listen to...christian or not. good question nick! :)
Also...i was wondering if anyone could explain to me a little bit about The Kirk?
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LJ (Guest) 07/03/2008 14:57
Hello friends, In response to the question about "The Kirk" (the name comes from the German word for "church") the term is used to mean the (national) Church of Scotland which was the only denomination in Scotland immediately after the Prostestant Reformation in the 16th century. Between then and now a succession (over the years) of split, re-unifications and more splits has produced at least 5 "presbyterian" denominations. (The term "presbyterian" means "ruled by elders", but in fact this is not really the case, as clergy and the national annual General Assembly really call the shots.)
These presbyterian denomiminations range from ultra-conservative to - at the Church of Scotland end of the spectrum - a very mixed bag of belief and unbelief (so one local C of S church can be biblical whilst the next one is off the wall).

Up until 20 years ago the General Assembly was watched with keen interest as being the nearest that Scotland had to a "parliament" but since then, and certainly following Scotland getting its own parliament 7 years ago, the General Assembly (and to a substantial degree the Church of Scotland) has become an irrelevance in the life of the nation.

This is largely due to the fact that whenever a serious issue arises (e.g. gay marriage) the Church consistently fails to say anything at all with any clarity or conviction.
However there are good Bible-believing men, women and young people in the Church of Scotland and I'm sure that you will meet some of them when you come over.
Brittany Price (Guest) 11/03/2008 13:36
Thanks so much for that! I'm actually doing a project on Scotland in my World Religions class in school. I chose to research the country further in preparation for our trip...which is quickly approaching!

Our missions team had our last official "meeting" last night in preparation for the's getting so close! We planned some great worship time to have while we are in Inverness. There are several talented musicians on our trip which is such a blessing so that yall don't have to listen to me sing off key! :)

Praying and Getting Excited!!
Tom Urquhart (Guest) 12/03/2008 21:37
I am confirming that Inverness Baptist Church will provide a meal for the O.M. team of 20 on Wednesday 9th April at 5.00pm.
We are looking forward to having them conduct the meeting at 7:30pm on that evening.

Tom Urquhart, Inverness Baptist Church
Drew Kuzma 13/03/2008 10:44
Hello Wesleyan Team. Just wanted to say hello and that I am looking forward to meeting you guys. I am a Canadian who recently moved here to work with youth in a couple areas of town. Feel free to approach me with any questions that you might have regarding differences between here and there; ie. language culture etc...I by no means know it all but maybe help you out a wee bit. I will also touch base with you in the mornings for devos in a chaplain type capacity. Hope the prep is going well. You guys are in for a great time. Cheers, Drew
Editor 14/03/2008 10:21
Thanks Drew for your "Hello" - and George Barnie is doing a good job in terms of the local schools - with (he reports) encouraging responses
Editor 21/03/2008 16:12
Hi Wesleyan school team, we (in Inverness) are all looking forward to your forthcoming visit, and all the arrangements are continuing this end.

The schools here are on holiday now for 2 weeks and will just be going back on the week of your visit.

We have had snow this last week and though it has been snowing a bit today, it will only be lying on the hills.

You can see web cam views of Inverness at -
Brent Greiner 28/03/2008 09:58
Hi everyone. Only a week to go! We are busy here in the OM office making the final preparations. It's going to be a great week - Brent Greiner from OM Lifehope
Meagan Manning 30/03/2008 21:14
Hey guys!! Thanks for all of the updated info!! With only 5 days to go, we are working hurriedly over here to make sure that we are prepared on our end. Tomorrow night, we have a parents meeting with the team so that we can keep them informed on updates and processes of travel and itinerary. I am slso working on getting you all the information that you need. We are looking forward to the trip! Please let us know what questions and suggestions you may have. How is the weather these days?
Editor 31/03/2008 09:51
Hi Meagan,

Good to hear your update. As I mentioned earlier (I think), the schools are on holiday here at the moment (due to be back in school on the week of your visit).
The weather here keeps us guessing for most of the time, but in the week past I have been driving just south of Inverness with snow all around me, but also walking on a beach yesterday lightly clad in warm sunshine. (The air temperature during the day in the past week has varied from -2C to +15C (28 - 60F.)
Remember to have a look at the following webcam (making an allowance for the time zone difference between yourselves and the UK).
The early spring flowers are out and buds are appearing on the trees.

If you have any specific questions regarding the arrangements please be in touch - one or other of the team will have an answer I am sure.

Yours in prayer for all the arrangements and for health and safe travel for the whole team.
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