Connecting Scotland follow-on meeting

Shofar and groupAs the end of  August approached a contingent from those in the Highlands and Islands who had participated in the Easter-Pentecost  "Connecting Scotland" event organised by Pray for Scotland, gathered from Friday evening through to Sunday lunchtime in the Aultnaharra Lodge Hotel (outside Lairg) for a weekend of prayer and fellowship.

The event was initiated by Ernie Gibson (Inverness) and organised and led by members of the Pray for Scotland team - including Bert McKaig, Jean Black, Derek Jardine and Mari Schuyler.
Stephen Boler (from Caithness) led a session on the Saturday.

Before departure, those present gathered outside the hotel to sound a shofar to the "North, the South, the East and the West".

Bert McKaig and Sylvia Norton from South Uist each gave a short interview to Christians Together on what they felt the Lord was/is doing amongst and saying to the church.


Sylvia spoke of developments in the Uists whereby leaders and Christian people have been meeting together in fellowship and prayer - spanning Church of Scotland, Free Church of Scotland and Roman Catholic churches.


Bert who heads up Pray for Scotland spoke of the "connections" and testimonies that have been seen subsequent to the Connecting Scotland event. He spoke of his sense that God is bringing His people into a sense of the Kingdom of God and his prayer and desire that the people of Scotland will see the power of God at work in the nation.


Listen to these short interviews with Pastor Bert McKaig and Sylvia Norton

PFS Leaders
L to R: Jean Black, Derek Jardine, Ernie Gibson, Mari Schuyler, Bert McKaig

Jean Black
Jean Black speaking to the gathering

Sheila Maitland and Stephanie
Maitland and Stephanie Harper (foreground) speaking with Sheila Gibson

Shofar and flag
Sounding the shofar over Scotland to all points of the compass

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