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Adopt A Child new building going up

Opened 12/13 April 2008. Scroll downf page for update(s).

AAC Building

Elsie Normington is AAC's Development Officer.  She writes:

The Building has begun!

The building work is now underway for the new Adopt-A-Child office which should be ready by the end of March 2008.
The opening launch of the building will be over a week-end of Thanksgiving and Celebration 12th – 13th April.

We intend to have a City wide approach to promote the work of AAC and are looking for churches who would be willing to have an AAC Rep. to come along and do a short presentation at your service.


Building now opened

AAC Opening

If you would be interested to have a Rep. visit your church, please contact:

Elsie Normington
AAC Development Officer
Tel: 077 3495 8800 or

Elsie Normington, 17/04/2008

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