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Tragic loss of a young life

Roddy Stewart

Friday (7th) will see both a funeral and memorial service for young Roddy Stewart who was tragically killed as he made his way home in the early hours of last Saturday morning.

The young lad had been out with friends celebrating his forthcoming 17th birthday
and had  - uncharacteristically - had too much to drink. He was hit by a train whilst walking home on the railway line.

He had been attending the Bible study classes in Inverness Christian Youth Centre for about a year, and Tommy Mackay the manager at the Centre said:

"He was a lovely guy, very popular and well-mannered. "He always had time to speak to everyone, including the kids that came into the Centre".

Owen Morris, pastor of Inverness Christian Outreach Centre is to lead the private service at Inverness Crematorium at 12.30pm, whilst Tommie will be part of a memorial service at Culloden Academy at 2.00pm.

The memorial service will be led by Leo Rose who is pastor of Inverness Bible Fellowship and who is also part of the team that minister to the youngsters at the Youth Centre. Leo comments:

"As followers of Jesus Christ, life is valued above all else. When a person dies needlessly as in Roddy's case, we don't only see his death as a tragedy, but also a future family and possibly a future nation which will never come to exist as God had intended.

Roddy Stewart was a brilliant, vibrant, valued member of God's human race who's life has been needlessly ended to soon.

He was loved dearly by many including his father Alisdair, his mother Rhona, and sister Eilidh. Roddy also had many friends, and was smart, musical, and affectionate. I miss him dearly, and I am certain that many others feel the same."

Prayers are sought for Roddy's family and all of his schoolmates, friends and the staff of Culloden Academy. And for Owen, Leo and Tommy as they lead the services, that the Lord will minister through them by the Holy Spirit to all who will gather.


Ed footnote: Roddy's parents spoke out after his untimely death about the dangers of drinking. And as part of the activities that go on in the CYC Leo offers help to those who have become over-involved with alcohol.

The Editor, 07/02/2008

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