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David Robertson counters Dawkins

David Robertson

Rev. David Robertson is the Free Church minister at St. Peter's Church in Dundee.

Dawkins Letters1David is originally from the Easter Ross area and from Brethren stock. Apart from leading his own congregation, he finds time to write books, articles, letters to newspapers and edit the Free Church Monthy Record. Last year David spoke at Border's bookstore in Inverness at the launch of his book entitled "The Dawkins Letters".

After some ill-thought-through interventions from others in the media,
David Robertson wrote an open letter to Richard Dawkins on his church website. This found its way onto Richard Dawkins website, where it generated the largest response of any posting before or since. The "ferocity, weakness and shallowness" of the responses, as described by one bookseller, spurred David to write his book. It is a series of letters from Robertson to Dawkins—a series of ten letters that call Dawkins to account for the errors and inaccuracies within his book.

David is not alone in the work of defending his view and Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis spoke last year in both Stornoway and Inverness.

He has suggested that the Dawkins event in Inverness would have been a more balanced if there had - at the same event - someone who could give the contrary viewpoint.


Ed footnote:
Whether or not the existence of God can be proved; and leaving aside the matter of creation, a relationship with God through a surrender to His son Jesus Christ has totally transformed countless millions of people's lives over the past 2000 years. You can read about some of these at  on this web site.

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Christians Together, 06/04/2008

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