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Loyalist march phone calls to councillors probe

Derry Boys March April 2008Highland councillors who have  publicly voiced concerns over the Loyalist march which took place through the streets of Inverness have received allegedly intimidating phone calls, and the matter is being investigated by the police.

Though the elected city  councillors were against the sectarian event of last weeked, the march went ahead as it did last year under the protection of EU human rights legislation.

It has been reported that John Finnie and John Holden both received phone calls from march supporters.
Ex-policman Mr. Finnie has been quoted as saying: "People have very strong views about sectarian marches."

It is generally accepted that these events have their roots in political and religious sectarianism and have nothing whatsoever to do Christianity and Christ's teaching and example of loving one's enemies.

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Christians Together, 07/04/2008

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