Life on the streets as a Street Pastor

Stef Robertson

Street pastors on street1The Street Pastors initiative was launched earlier this year and is finding both a ready acceptance by the clubbers on the streets and a respect and enthusiasm from the police and the licencees in the city. Following a "set up" period under the guidance of the Ascension Trust from London and the initial training the team has taken to the streets of Inverness at weekends.

Have a listen to Stef Robertson of the Barn Church of Scotland (Culloden, Inverness) speak of how she got involved and her experience so far.

Already there is a request for an increased coverage over each weekend; and a need for new recruits to be trained and Mark Hadfield who pioneered the work is currently writing to the local churches in Inverness to invite support for the scheme in prayer and to perhaps assist with the running costs in the same manner as churches in other parts of the UK have done.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the Street Pastors scheme are warmly invited to an open -

Street Pastors' Information Day

Saturday, 31 May, 2008
Christian Youth Centre (YMC)
Bank Street, Inverness
4.00pm - 5.00pm

Further information <click here> or contact:

Mark Hadfield (coordinator)
Mob. 07761.293.108

Stef Robertson (administrator)
Mob. 07773.855.220

Christians Together, 21/05/2008