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Murdo (Mud) Macleod - Nairn Free Church

Murdo Mud Macleod

Rev Murdo (Mud) Macleod has been appointed as the new minister at Nairn Free Church. Murdo has just graduated from the Free Church of Scotland, although at 45 can be considered as a mature student. His previous occupation was as production manager for the Banner of Truth, the Edinburgh based Christian publishing house.

Mud (as he likes to be known) is Glasgow born and bred and he is married to Maggie and they have two children, Angus and Kirsty.

A report of t the induction service at the end of the summer (2008), Rev Gordon Martin (Muir of Ord) preached from Nehemiah 3, an encouraging and fitting chapter about the rebuilding of the broken down walls of Jerusalem. In his address, Rev. Martin observed: "The cause in Nairn has diminished over the years, but we pray that Mud, Maggie, Angus and Kirsty will be used by the Lord to rebuild the cause in that place."

Murdo can be contacted at:

Murdo Mud Macleod

Nairn Free Church, 05/12/2008

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