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Presentation on Israel trip

Tommy Leo in Jerusalem
Tommie, Tom and Leo at the Dome of the Rock

Diary Date: Tommie, Leo Rose and Tom Coyle are planning to give a slide presentation and report on their recent trip to Israel on -

Friday, 16 January in the Inverness YMCA/CYC.
Food at 6.30pm and presentation starting at 7.15pm

If you have any interest in Israel, you won’t want to miss this evening.  Dinner will be provided and followed by a slide show of the photos taken during a most recent tour of Israel (December 2008).

Tommie MacKay, Tom Coyle, and Leo Rose will share their experiencesfrom the tour; and close with a question/answer session.

All ages welcome!

Note: Leo says: If you are unable to join us for dinner, you are still welcome to join us afterwards as we hope to begin the presentation around 7:15PM.

Also, so that we know how much food to buy, a booking is required so e-mail and please let us know if you plan on attending!
or Tel. 01463 798151

  A glimpse of gloryJesus over Jerusalem


On a recent trip to Israel (Dec. 2008) Tommie Mackay (Inverness YMCA/CYC) took this photograph over Jerusalem without really knowing how (if at all) it would turn out. He has entitled it: A Glimpse of Glory.

Jerusalem is the city from which Jesus left to join His Father; it's the city to which he said he will return with his feet to stand on the Mount of Olives; and it is the city in which God the Father has "caused His Name to dwell" - forever.

Whilst in the Holy Land, Tommie wrote a song about the eternal city -

Oh Jerusalem

Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the centre of our world
Ascend and praise His name most high, Hallelujah worthy is the lamb
As we look upon the valley too, the gate so beautiful
Where our Lord will enter in and free Jerusalem

Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the centre of our world
Where once messiah walked upon, the rock on which you are formed
He could have split you into two but patiently he bides
Peace will be restored and the blind will see, Jesus is the Christ

Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the centre of our world
Dived up, torn and mocked, a living remnant to gaze upon
Let us be like, the olive trees, and know no boundaries
Until our lord returns to claim, pray peace for Jerusalem

Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the Lord will not forget
The tears and pain will pass away you will recognise your worth
The promise of eternity will unfold before our eyes
When Jesus Christ returns to claim Jerusalem again

Jerusalem Amen, Jerusalem Amen

See also Steve Taylor's evocative presentation and Israel, the world and the church

 A Jewish night at the YMCA 

Following a meal of Jewish food, a capacity crowd at the YMCA sang Jewish songs, listened to Tommie Mackay (with fellow musicians) give a rendering of his composition 'Oh, Jerusalem'. Following that a slide show presentation captured the essence of the recent trip to Israel.


Leo Rose/Tommie Mackay, 13/01/2009

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