CMJ Mini Conference

Reminder: The Saturday session (starting at 10.00am) is open and free to all. (A Buffet lunch is available for those who want it, but it costs £5 and must be pre-booked.)

Kelvin CrombieCMJ who have taken the most-interesting 'Bible Comes to Life' exhibition to Inverness twice in recent years is hosting a 'Mini Conference' at Ellel Scotland's base near Huntly.

The speaker is Kelvin Crombie, the Australian researcher and author who has presented DVDs such as The Forsaken Promise and The Destiny of Britain which speak of how God has used Great Britain in a historic role as a 'Cyrus nation' in accomplishing God's purposes for His ancient Hebrew peoples.

Scottish church leaders Revs. Robert Murray McCheyne and Andrew Bonnar led missions to Israel in the 19th century; and revival broke out in McCheyne's church in Dundee during the time he was away. 

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CMJ Mini Conference

To book (£40 all-inclusive) contact:
Ellel Scotland, Blairmore House, Huntly, Aberdeenshire AB54 4XH
Tel. 01466 799102

CMJ has been ministering to Jewish people since 1809. Started in London by visionaries such as William Wilberforce, Charles Simeon and Lord Shaftesbury to share the Gospel with Jewish people, CMJ now has a worldwide ministry to share with Jewish people the belief that not only is Jesus(Yeshua) the Saviour of the world, he is the Jewish Messiah.

Today the main work of CMJ is in Israel but the organisation retains a vibrant ministry in the UK. The CMJ web site states: "Never have Jewish people been more open to the Gospel nor the church more in need of discovering its debt to the Jewish people."


Notes on Murray McCheyne's mission to the Jews and the happenings in his home church -

"While he was on a Mission of Inquiry to the Jews, motivated by a deep concern for them as the people of the Covenant, a profound spiritual awakening took place in Dundee. On his return McCheyne was confronted by a dramatically changed situation; the spiritual manifestation for which he had worked and prayed had happened while he was abroad.
"Night after night St Peter's would be packed to the extent that many had to stand in the aisles and sit on the pulpit steps while the crowd outside was unable to gain entry. In order to accommodate the crowds it became necessary to hold services in the open air."

During this time both public and private prayer meetings were started on impulse, even the children conducted their own prayer meetings. On his return from Palestine, McCheyne found 39 prayer meetings, five of them conducted by children for children. Prayer groups continued to proliferate in the city and in the factories.

A grass-roots spiritual awakening, or revival as some would describe it, had come to Dundee. It is generally conceded that the revival was due to the prophetic preparation and saintliness of Robert Murray McCheyne."


Note 1: Both the DVDs - The Forsaken Promise and The Destiny of Britain can be obtained on loan from Christians Together. Churches and Christians are encouraged to know more about how God has used Britain in his purposes in modern history. And in a message delivered in Birmingham in 2006, an Israel-based Christian leader speaks of Britian's spiritual heritage; and his belief that God is giving Britain a 'Last Mandate' in His prophetic purposes.

First published: 24/03/09

Christians Together, 10/06/2009