The media are the pulpits of our age...

let's use them

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THE MEDIA  are the pulpits of our age; and the power of the media is much in evidence. They are used by politicians, the business and commercial world; indeed they are used by anyone and everyone who wants to get a message across.

The apostle Paul met his audiences wherever he could find them - in the Temple courts, in the market place, in the synagogues and on the river bank.

All though all areas of the media are not readily accessible to us all, one is - the Letters Pages of our daily newspapers. And thankfully an increasing number of Christians are making good use of the opportunity to get the Christian view across.

Go for it.....

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 How often do we see an issue reported in our daily newspapers and feel that we could/should bring a Christian view to the matter?

But how often do we respond? And if we don't are we missing a God-given opportunity?

Yet with e-mail and the internet now pervasive we don't even have to go search for a pen, paper, envelope and stamp.

The electronic world has it's downsides of course. And sub-editors are now facing floods of daily communications.
Additionally it is all to easy to "fire off" an e-mail that doesn't, with reflection,  really communicate what we wanted to say.

However, the facility is there. So why don't we use it?

The answers to that question might vary -
  • we feel ill-equipped in terms of writing ability
  • we lack background information and fuller understanding of the issue(s)
  • we might not wish our identity to become public
  • we don't trust our instincts and emotions
Whilst these are all valid, but they are not and should not be see as insurmountable problems and should not prevent us from giving our views. Read on.....

Some points to note:
  • pray over the issue
  • the internet and Christian organisations are now are very accessible source of briefing and background material
  • make the letter as short and 'to-the-point' as possible (it increases the change of it being printed; and also decreases the scope for it being edited down)
  • leave an hour or so between composing the letter and sending it; and review it before sending it
  • if referring to a previously-published letter or piece of news ensure that your readership know to what you refer without having read it for themselves
  • if you don't want your identity printed as for your name and/or address to be withheld (but the editors will require to know who you are and your postal or e-mail address)
  • pray over/about your letter

Don't overdo it.

Some letter writers to newspapers overdo it by writing so often that it tends to generate a: "Oh no! It's not him (or her) again?" reaction in readers of the Letters pages.
Finally, if you do write to your local newspaper -
  • keep an eye on any responses that might come in, but (as a rule) get into 'answering back'.
  • feel free to be in touch if you would like a second opinion

  • and then -
please consider sending a copy to Christians Together ; it can be a means of reaching a wider audience and encouraging and informing other Christian brothers and sisters.


Looking forward to reading your letters!                                                       

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Note from Christians Together:

If you don't see your newspaper listed above, or if there are any ammendments  please be in touch and these will be incorporated.
Thank you!

Christians Together, 02/04/2009