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Bulgarian Publisher to speak in Inverness

Marty Raichinov of BCSU Publishing House in Bulgaria will be visiting the UK next week and is scheduled to speak in Inverness about this work, and the challenges of ministry in Bulgaria.There will also be a short update on the work of Emmaus Road Trust.

FOR some years the Emmaus Road Trust has supported the vision and energy of BCSU Publishing House in Bulgaria.

BCSU was born out of the local student movement in Bulgaria and, amongst other things, they have had a long standing ambition to publish a complete series of Bible commentaries. At long last they are in the process of putting the finishing touches to the very last title in the series. This represents a tremendous landmark for the Church in Bulgaria because for the first time there will be study and reference material covering every verse of the Bible.

Emmaus TrustMarty Raichinov of BCSU will be visiting the UK next week and, God willing, will speak in Inverness about this work, and the challenges of ministry in Bulgaria. Marty wrote recently:

"It is really hard to imagine that the whole commentary series is almost complete. We have been working hard for this for 10 years now and finally God made this dream come true. I believe these commentaries will be a blessing to many in the years to come, and I am certain that such literature is needed for the intellectual and spiritual growth of the church in Bulgaria. Being a part of this is truly a blessing and encouragement, and we shall see this in the future!"

There will also be a short update on some of the projects the Emmaus Road Trust is supporting around the world with your help.

If your own church doesn't have a mid-week meeting on this date, we extend a warm invitation to anyone who may be able and interested to attend.

Warm Christian greetings

Colin Macpherson
(Executive Trustee
Emmaus Trust)

The meeting will be at -

Smithton Culloden Free Church
Murray Road, Smithton, Inverness
Wednesday, 18 November

Further information -
Tel. 01349 877837

Emmaus Road Trust, 13/11/2009

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