An independent candidate for the Western Isles at the General Election 2010

A former Scottish Christian Party candidate at Scottish 2007 elections is to stand as an independent at the forthcoming General Election. In the light of this development the SCP has withdrawn its candidate for the Western Isles.

murdomurray small1Mr. Murdo Murray - a former Technical Director with the Western Isles Council - has just announced his intention to stand as an independent candidate at the forthcoming General Election. Mr. Murray who is now a self-employed technical consultant attracted a significant number of votes when representing the Scottish Christian Party in the Scottish elections of 2007.

Initially it was the intention of the Scottish Christian Party to fight the 2010 General Election and the candidate for the Hebrides was to have been Rev. George Hargreaves the SCP leader. However Rev. Hargreaves withdrew because of illness in his family and put forward Mr. Tom Selfridge as a replacement candidate.

Subsequent to being advised by Mr. Murray of his intentions, Rev. Hargreaves has indicated that the SCP would not therefore contest the seat.

Mr. Murray has spoken out previously on issues such as the introduction of Sunday sailings to Lewis. He is keen to increase employment opportunities in the Western Isles and feels that venture capital can be found to promote economic development in industries such as renewable energy.

A  committed Christian and lay preacher Gaelic-speaking Mr. Murray will be seeking to represent an area of Scotland which is culturally homogeneous but religiously diverse. The religious/secular divisions in the Hebridean island chain are apparent when it comes to policies relating to transport, tourism and leisure facilities operating on Sundays.

microphoneOn announcing his candidature, Mr. Murray gave
an interview to Christians Together.


Christians Together, 30/03/2010