Welsh fellowship evicted from village hall

A small fellowship which met in a village hall in North Wales claims that it has been pushed out from the premises because of the support that it shows for the Jewish people and the establishment of Israel in the land.

Fathers HouseTHE last weekend in October saw the final service the Christian congregation 'Fathers House' held at Gwernymynydd Village Centre, North Wales as a consequence of being evicted after 11 years because the management Committee disagreed with their beliefs concerning Israel.

Pastor Mike Fryer and the Fathers House stand firm in their support of Israel and belief that the land of Israel was given to the Jewish people as an everlasting possession in accordance with the Scriptures. The congregation are not willing to compromise in expounding these scriptures and in making their support for the Jewish people and the establishment of Israel in the land.

The management of the village centre had made it very clear in Spring this year that the views expressed in the church website were enough of an issue for them to evict the congregation from the Council-owned centre.
The letter in May stated: "There has also been great concern expressed about the content of your web site, and the very controversial views it contains. "The Village Centre Committee does not wish to be associated with your views."

mike fryerPastor Fryer who presents programmes on Revelation TV said:

"We have been there for more than 11 years. We pay more money in than any other group using the hall, and we probably do more for the community than any other group. "We normally meet on a Saturday from 2.30pm until 7pm, but we have said we're happy to meet earlier, and have even cancelled some meetings when necessary. "They wanted us to use the hall on a Sunday, knowing very well that our Sabbath is a Saturday.”

Fathers House is disinclined to rent any other public facility in the County of Flintshire for fear of similar action and have now rented an Industrial Unit in the Deeside Area of North Wales in which to meet temporarily whilst looking for a more permanent home.

On February 5, 2010, then Prime Minister Gordon Brown condemned the record-breaking rise in anti-Semitic incidents that occurred in 2009. He urged Britons to be alert to anti-Jewish hate. He also stated: "Anti-Semitism is one of the most ancient of hatreds – and yet it constantly adapts to modern times requiring ever greater vigilance from all of us who are determined to stand up for tolerance and for the truth."

headphonesChristians Together conducted a short telephone interview with Pastor Fryer and it can be heard here.

As we evidence within our nation a rising hostility to the Christian message and God's word we are likely to see an increase in incidents like the above. The pressure will come on preachers and churches to water-down the messages that they seek to proclaim in order not to offend.

A fellowship like the above is obviously vulnerable when renting premises. However churches which depend on retaining charitable status and the corresponding tax reimburshments to fund expensive church building programmes will be equally vulnerable if their message 'offends'.

Christians Together, 19/11/2010