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Christians Together

Aglow Meeting - July 2011


Inverness Chapter Meeting

Monday, 11 July, 2011
The Chieftain Hotel
2 Millburn Road, Inverness

Guest Speaker: Deborah Stonach
The invitation states: "We pray that your sisters, female friends and family, can be encouraged to come along and hear what our guest speaker has to share as an encouragement to you. This meeting we will all learn something new from God we are sure."

Cost: £7.50 including meal
Please pre-book by calling:
Katherine Innes
Tel. 01667 462122 or
Text  07761.286.071

Aglow — A network of caring Christian women

All women welcome and please encourage your women friends to come along too!

All women welcome!                                              


Katherine Innes, 06/07/2011

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