Raging Conflicts; a call to battle and prayer

At the Feast of Tabernacles Conference in London in October 2014, Malcolm Hedding's message outlined what he sees as the four major spiritual battles in our world today.

Ed preface
The following notes were taken during the conference  (13 - 19 Oct. 2014) by intercessor Jill Widdowson and give a summary outline of Malcolm Hedding's address to those gathered. The message was a 'sounding of the trumpet' as both a 'battle call' and a rallying call to yet more fervent prayer and holy living.

A raging conflict in four areas:

angel with a swordRaging conflict over Truth which has been trampled on in the church and a falling away because the Word of God is neither taught nor known, the western church has “a form of godliness but denying its power” (2 Tim 3).
We must increasingly and exclusively fellowship only around the doctrine of Truth, and not just ‘Jesus’; for right doctrine reveals Truth, the true God. {NB These days we have another Jesus and another gospel being preached in most churches, with changed meanings of biblical words such as love, peace, unity, gospel and Jesus].  Timothy was told to give attention to doctrine.
We now have in the western church a selfish man-centred fuzzy Christianity which is powerless and therefore useless to God.  The Body of Christ is called to holy living to the glory of God.

Raging conflict with our carnal nature, of which we all have a remnant.  Galatians 5:16, Romans 7 (spirit and flesh).  We must learn how to wash ourselves in His Word. A severe warning of refusing to live holy lives a rebuke from Jesus Himself, ‘I know you not’ (Matthew 7), because we have never allowed Him to conquer our hearts.
Question:  “Do I reflect His character in all I do and say, and in how I live?”
There is a need for much much more corporate prayer in the Body, especially for the UK and Israel: may the Lord give us a spirit of prayer and tears for UK.  We must deny the flesh

Raging conflict over Israel: There are difficult and dangerous days for Israel in the days ahead (Zech 12).  We must pray as never before, for this is all to do with the return of Jesus.
God has you here to hear this calling to come to Israel’s side and get involved as never before to defend His people, we have been given voices to speak out against lies.  This conflict is not just in the world but rapidly increasing in the church, a rapid rising of anti-Semitism, and replacement theology.  Stephen Sizer very prominent in this. 
The church wants only to hear of the poor Palestinians, God of course also wants to save them from this cruel religion: to argue against this we must go back to the Old Testament and the covenants of God.
Jesus weeps for His church.  We are called to be instruments to rectify anti-Semitism, to go out as ambassadors.

Raging conflict with Political Islam: The world is at war with Islam which is seeking to establish a Caliphate, but it doesn’t know it because of fear and blindness.  Media organisations such as BBC, CNN etc do not report the mass executions and torture of Christians in Islamic countries, children being sawn in half, babies beheaded etc.  What will we do?  Do I hear His voice?
This is the time for God’s people to come to prominence with an anointing to carry heaven to those who do not know about Israel and His coming judgements.  There must be Truth and right living, and dealing with anything which hinders.  The God of Israel watches over Israel and us.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for those who have light.  The Lord is looking for visionaries. Habbakuk is a book for today, ‘stand and be amazed’.. (Hab 1:5). For too long Christians have cowered in defeat, we are to be a prominent people fixed on Jesus.  God is shaking the nations (Psalm 31).  God is looking for those who carry a vision, to bring to life the seed which He has planted in hearts, and to share the heart of God for His people [Israel] with other believers.As we obey Him, God will release a discerning Spirit to His people that we may know what is of God and what isn’t. [The matter of discerning Truth from error has never been more vital and seldom been so difficult - Ed.]

Malcolm HeddingMalcolm Hedding began his journey with Jesus, the Son of the living God, in 1966 when he was fourteen years of age. At that time, over the Easter period, he experienced a visitation of Jesus in the garden of his home situated within a gold-mining community near Johannesburg, South Africa. Being a stutterer from a very early age Jesus spoke to Malcolm audibly and using Isaiah 32:4 told Malcolm that in a few years He would revisit him, heal him of his speech impediment and send him out to preach all over the world.

In 1971 this unique journey began to unfold in that Malcolm came to faith by trusting in the finished work of Jesus on the cross for his salvation. He was instantly healed of his stammering problem and went on to prepare himself for active, full-time Christian ministry.

After completing a theological Degree he was ordained as an Assemblies of God Minister in 1974. Malcolm planted many churches in South Africa while also beginning his international preaching ministry to the Church in the wider world. After this time he held the position of Executive Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem for eleven years. Malcolm and his wife Cheryl currently reside in the USA where he now serves on the staff of World Outreach Church situated in Murfreesboro Tennessee.
 Malcolm's journey with Jesus has been shared with by his wife Cheryl and their three three children; Charmaine, Daryl and Liesl. Malcolm and Cheryl are now also blessed with a wonderful son and daughter in law Katja and Bram, as well as four special grandchildren.


Malcolm Hedding / Jill Widdowson, 12/11/2014