Israel Tour with Rev. Donald N Martin

Christians Together is happy to be supporting a 'trip of a lifetime' tour to Israel with Rev. Donald N Martin of Gardenstown Church. The 11-day Tour is scheduled for 13 - 23 October 2015.

Supported by Christians Together and Yachad

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DonaldFrom his personal experience, previous visits and his theological understanding Rev. Donald Martin (of Gardenstown Church) is very well placed to lead the above tour.

Of his first trip to the land he has written of how it changed his thinking: 

I first visited Israel in 1997, and imagined it would be like any other warm and sunny holiday destination, but how wrong I was. The visit was to begin a soul search; but why should I feel such a strong drawing to that place?

Part of the answer is that I realised that God has done great things and is still doing great things in that land. The re-birth of the land of Israel is very much part of God’s plan.

I visited Jerusalem and the Galilee on that first occasion and realised the significance for people of faith to walk where Jesus walked. The Word of God opens up in a new way as you walk through the streets of Jerusalem, as you view the city from the Mount of Olives, where Jesus wept, as you visit Gethsemane where he sweated drops of blood as you visit the Garden Tomb where he was crucified and buried.

In The Galilee you visit the town in which our Saviour was raised, where much of his ministry took place. To sail the Sea which he calmed with just a word is truly touching.

In speaking of the forthcoming tour in October he outlines the itinerary and gives some detail of the tour schedule:

The Lord's Prayer in Gaelic

Lords prayerThis time we plan to fly into Tel Aviv then transfer to our Mediterranean Hotel for an overnight stay.
Following breakfast next day we take in the ancient port of Caeserea, then north to Mount Carmel with its overview of Megiddo before visiting Nazareth Village before checking in in our hotel in Galillee.

Day three starts with the 3D multi-media 'Galillee Experience' presentation before visiting Magadala, Capernaum and the Mount of the Beatitudes. We finish the day with an evening boat trip on the Sea of Galilee.

Friday takes us to the Tel Dan nature reserve, ancient Caesarea Philippi and, time-permitting, the Golan Heights with shopping/relaxing time included.
The next day we head south to Beith Shean archaelogical site and on to the site on the Jordan where John performed his baptisms. In the afternoon we reach Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and take in En Gedi before checking into our hotel on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Bible-based teaching

Bible1Day Six covers visits to the fortress of Masada and one of the most touching visits in Israel, the Fountain of Tears Exhibition. The day ends in Jerusalem at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

The next two days are spent in Jerusalem - a city like no other - with visits to the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Kidron Valley, the Temple Mount, Hezekiah's tunnel and more. Once again time for shopping is built in.

The following two days include further visits to biblical sites and also a visit to the Knesset (Israeli Parliament building).

So come and join with us and be blessed with an experience of a lifetime. If you do join with us on this trip you will want to return again and again, just like some of those who have been with us on previous occasions.

In inviting those who might wish to share in the experience of the tour in October, Donald enthuses:

"It is a great thrill for me to be taking people to places where the Bible comes alive."

Picture from earlier tour

Israel group

The tour flies from Edinburgh to Tel Aviv on Turkish Airlines and the cost of the tour covers all charges for accommodation, transport, an Israeli-licenced guide and all entrance fees.

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For futher details of the 2015 October tour contact:
Rev. Donald N Martin Tel. 01261 851256 E-mail:

Ed footnote: Yachad header1At a 'Taste of Israel' Conference in 2013 held at the Abernethy Outdoor Centre, many of the attendees expressed a desire for a future tour of Israel. Yachad, the conference organisers, recommend this tour as an excellent opportunity with an experienced tour leader.

Christians Together, 05/03/2015