Exploring Eschatology

You are most warmly invited to join a forthcoming 'Zoom' webinar where Bible-teacher Paul Luckraft will be speaking on the subject of the end-times.


Are we approaching the end of the age?

Many - inside and outside of the church - are asking this question. Eschatology is a big subject with a variety of views so with the above question in mind, a 6-week online series has been organised as follows:
Exploring Eschatology - 6-part Zoom Webinar


Tuesday evening, 8 September 2020
7.30pm - 9.00pm (British Summer Time


Tuesday evening, 13 October (BST)

With such an 'Everest-like' subject the aim will be to start at 'base camp' level in the Word of God.
You can see a brief interview with Bible-teacher Paul Luckraft on the video below.

If you would be interested in joining in, please do be in touch - editor@christianstogether.net. Also please feel free to pass this information or article on to any others who might be interested.

Post-webinar feedback and information:

Those who attended the above webinar are invited to give any comments / expression of thanks / etc. (If doing say please just give your first name and surname initial.)

The following are the books which are recommended (the 'Look Inside' facility on many online book stores can give an idea of the content and of course the price).

Reading list for eschatology

1. There are several article on this website about end-time views. Go to the 'Search' box and type in 'Eschatology or Millennium or 'Rapture' and you will find them.

2. One of the most succinct articles I have come across over the years is in a chapter from a small booklet entitled: 'The Coming Saviour and the World's Crisis'.

The Editor, 13/08/2020