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Kelvin Crombie CMJ Mini Conference
International researcher, author and speaker Kelvin Crombie is due to speak at a CMJ Mini Conference in Scotland about the Gentile church and the Jewish people. more ...
Christians Together
Israel Geopolitics An Israeli PM goes to Washington - again
If you know anyone out there on planet earth who thinks that there is a simple two-state solution for Israeli/Palestinian politics, please point them to this report. more ...
Israel Biblical and Historical Israel
Women for Mission are hosting an open meeting for men and women looking at: Historical and Biblical Israel. Speaker is Elspeth Masson of CFI. more ...
Christians Together
Melanie Phillips A Jew defending Christians in the UK
With the church's track record of anti-semitism through the centuries, it is not altogether usual for a Jew to write so consistently and earnestly in support of Christians. more ...
Christians Together
Ancient Jews Jerusalem, the Jews and their destiny
An evocative collection of photographs by Steve Taylor - produced after his recent visit to Israel more ...
Steve Taylor