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The Peruvian Adventures of Hilton Church

The party that went out to Peru in 2005
A party of 35 Highland volunteers led by members of Hilton Church and their friends recently paid a return visit to Puerto Alegria <read on>..... in the Inverness Courier.
(Author: )

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Articles in this group

Passover Meal 2013
Passover Meal with Messianic Praise Music and a Passover Presentation with consideration of the emblems contained within the Seder at Pesach. (Author: Leo Rose)

Blue Christmas service for the third year
An Inverness Church of Scotland is holding a church service for those who may have experienced sadness and loss; and for whom Christmas can be a difficult time. (Author: Christians Together)

A Foundation Course in Pastoral Care
A 4-day Foundation Course on Pastoral Care is planned for the new year at the Mishkan Resource Centre in Inverness. It has been developed by the ACC. (Author: Mishkan Resource Centre)

Women's Aglow: November 2011 meeting
The guest speaker for this meeting is Alison Munt. Alison will be sharing from the word of God and how a relationship with Jesus changed her life. (Author: The Editor)

Mark Greene, 007 and Inverness
With a passion for workplace evangelism Mark Greene of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity is scheduled to speak at a series of events in Inverness (Author: David Maclean)

Inverness Aglow: September 2011
An 'all women' meeting with a warm invitation to all Christian women AND their friends and family members. (Author: Katherine Innes)

70s and 80s Classic Praise Concert
An evening of praise with singers and musicians from various Inverness churches with proceeds going to worthwhile causes. (Author: Christians Together)

St. Columba's rebirth
City Life Church in Inverness has just become the owner of St. Columba's Church in Inverness. Pastor Owen Morris speaks of the plans for the building. (Author: Christians Together)

Womens Aglow Meeting - July 2011
Come and hear what our guest speaker will share to encourage you. This meeting we will all learn something new from God we are sure (Author: Katherine Innes)

Banners and Movement Workshop
The King's Fellowship in Inverness is hosting a one-day workshop to explore creative movement in worship with and without the use of banners. flags and other props as an expression of worship. (Author: Tjits Powell)

Where is God When Things Go Wrong?
Well-known author and conference speaker John Blanchard is scheduled to speak on the often-asked question. (Author: East Church)

Teaching Evening with Rev Dominic Smart
As part of the Alive Festival, Rev Dominic Smart from Aberdeen, will be teaching at Kinmylies Church of Scotland, Inverness. (Author: David Maclean)

Verses on the wall
Pictures of the Bible verses engraved on the wall of a building directly across the street from the main hall in the Inverness Town (City) Hall (Author: Christians Together)

Chit Chat Women's meetings 2010/11
The Chit Chat series of women's meetings kicks of again with a new series of meetings offering a range of interesting subjects. (Author: Tracey Paterson)

Bible Society Celebration Dinner
In conjunction with the Biblefresh 400th-anniversary of the KJV, the Scottish Bible Society is holding a Celebration Dinner in Inverness. Book now! (Author: Alasdair Moodie / Scottish Bible Soc.)

Womens Aglow: April 2011 meeting
The guest speaker for this meeting is Mandy Nutt. Mandy will be sharing from the word of God and how a relationship with Jesus changed her life. (Author: Katherine Innes)

CLC new Shop Opening and Evening Celebration
After a period of years in their premises in Church Street, the Inverness CLC bookshop has moved to new premises. An official Shop Opening and Evening Celebration is planned for Saturday. (Author: Christians Together)

Inverness Aglow - March 2011
You are warmly invited to a women's meeting for outreach and encouragement over a meal and to listen to an interesting speaker. (Author: Kathleen Innes)

Reality Adventure Works: training evening
Richard Morrison of Reality Aventure Works gives news of a training evening for anyone who would like to work with the organisation and young people. (Author: Reality Adventure Works)

CLC Inverness bookshop on the move.
From its original location in Castle Street, Inverness the CLC bookshop moved to Church Street. In March 2011 the shop again moved and returned to Castle Street, this time moving to occupy the former Wesley Owen/Living Oasis premises. (Author: Phil Burnham)

Christmas service to remember loved ones
An Inverness congregation are again holding a special 'Blue Christmas' service for those who wish to remember loved ones who have passed away. (Author: Christians Together)

450th Anniversary Reformation Meetings
Adding to the list of 'Reformation' meetings being held to mark the 450th Anniversary of the events in Scotland in 1560, two special meetings are being held in Inverness. (Author: East Church / Christians Together)

Release International Evening
Helen Berhane, an Eritrean Christian who escaped from her homeland after severe persecution is scheduled to speak in Inverness about her experiences. (Author: Christians Together)

Scottish Reformation Society meetings 2010/11
The Scottish Reformation Society holds a series of meetings over the Autumn to Spring season each year. (Author: Scott Melhuish)

Livingstones: a sponsored ramble
Some Christians in Inverness have organised a fund-raising sponsored ramble to raise funds for a Christian school in Pakistan. (Author: Rebecca Tidey)

'Space Spectacular' - a Halloween alternative
At at time when children are faced with invitations to join in activities which may have a dark spiritual side, an Inverness church is offering an alternative to Halloween which offers lots of fun and fancy dress. (Author: CityLife Church)

Charities and churches 2010 homelessness scheme
The winter of 2010 will see a new accommodation service being provided by local churches and charities to rough sleepers in the Inverness area. (Author: Christians Together)

New pastor for Inverness Christian Fellowship
Following on from the departure of Ian Ross ICF is happy to announce an induction service for a new (replacement) pastor and his wife. (Author: Inverness Christian Fellowship)

Needing some help along the way?
GHOBE Ministries comprises a group of trained Christian believers whose calling is to assist and build up those who are struggling and in need of help. The GHOBE premises facilities can also be made available to others. (Author: GHOBE Ministries)

Former criminal to speak at Beauly church
Eddie Murison who was saved from a life of serious crime which led him into prison is scheduled to give his testimony of how God saved him and is now using him. (Author: Beauly Baptist Church)

Conference on Christianity and Science
The apparent conflict between Science and Christianity is the subject to be addressed at a day conference in Inverness with three expert speakers. (Author: East Church, Inverness)

APC Annual Day Conference
The annual day conference of the Associated Presbyterian Churches is scheduled to be held in Inverness and is based on the theme: A Life Well-pleasing to God. (Author: Donald MacCuish)

Aglow Women's Meeting - August 2010
Elspeth Masson, the area representative for Christian Friends of Israel is due to speak about what the Bible tells us about God's plans for present-day Israel. (Author: Katherine Innes)

Beauly Baptists moving to larger premises
A young Baptist Church which originally located in Beauly has grown to the point of having to relocate to a Primary School serving a neighbourging village. (Author: Peter Wilson)

CFH(H) prayer for healing in the Manna House
The Christian Fellowship of Healing (Highland) are now available on Monday evenings in the Manna House for those in need of prayer for God's healing in their lives. (Author: CFH(H))

Justice and Mercy; Ignite and Blythswood event
Ignite and Blythswood's Highland Food Bank are teaming up for a special event aimed to help those who are unable to the buy food for themselves. The evening includes a guest speaker and worship with the Ignite band. (Author: Chris Dowling)

Inverness Aglow - June 2010 Meeting
Margaret Martin is the Northern Board Treasurer for Aglow and she will be speaking about what Jesus has done for her. (Author: Katherine Innes)

Yachad, Israel and an Inverness meeting
A group comprising believers from across Scotland warmly invite Christians to a gathering Inverness to hear a biblical view of and reports from Israel from Messianic Jewish leader. (Author: Yachad)

The Leprosy Mission Scotand - Justice Tour
A speaker from China and another from Sudan are scheduled to speak in Inverness as part of the Leprosy Mission's 'Justice Tour'. (Author: Anne Muirden)

Inverness Care Shelter: Evaluation Report 2009/10
Following the 2009/2010 Homelessness project in Inverness, a follow-up conference was held to review teh project: an evaluation report is now available. (Author: Vivian Roden)

CYC Coffee Morning
The local Christian community is warmly invited to an annual coffee morning in aid of funds for the Inverness Christian Youth Centre. Come along and take your friends. (Author: Anne Muirden)

Chit Chat Meeting - A 'Kitchen Range' Summer
A demonstration of Kitchen Range gadgets and preparation of tasty summer foods by Louisa from Kitchen Range, Dingwall. (Author: Tracey Paterson)

The Archeology of the Bible
John Sode-Woodhed is due to give a presentation on Biblical Archeology and an introduction to the recently-established Israeli Education Forum. (Author: Culduthel Christian Centre)

A Creation/Evolution Public Lecture
Dr Bert Cargill, a senior figure from the academic world is to deliver a lecture entitled 'Why on earth - unlikely accident?' in Inverness on the subject of creation/evolution. (Author: Culloden Gospel Hall)

What is Man?: Creation Weekend
Dr. Bert Cargill, a senior figure from the academic world is to give a series of talks on the subject of creation/evolution in Culloden Gospel Hall over a forthcoming weekend period. (Author: Culloden Gospel Hall)

Pastoral Skills Course
GHOBE is offering courses of training in Pastoral Skills to those who have a calling and gifting in this area of ministry within the body of Christ. (Author: GHOBE Ministry)

Passover Meal 2010
Families, adults, youth and children are once again warmly invited to come and share with other believers in the Seder (Passover meal). There is no charge. (Author: Leo Rose)

Aglow Women's Meeting - March 2010
All women are warmly invited to the next Women's Aglow meeting, and to bring their friends to hear of how God has worked in women's lives. (Author: Katherine Innes)

Taming the Tiger
Raised in China, Tony Anthony was a Kung Fu international champion and elite bodyguard. However he ended up an angry and violent man until his life was turned around. (Author: Culduthel Christian Centre)

Community Quiz
CCC are hosting a Community Quiz and inviting teams of 4 from churches and local communities. The purpose is to raise funds for a trip to India. (Author: Culduthel Christian Centre)

The Case for Faith: a series of seminars
GHOBE Ministries are hosting a series of sessions entitled 'The Case for Faith' based on Lee Strobel's investigative work and DVD of that title. All are warmly invited. (Author: GHOBE Ministries)

Prayer Meeting for Beechwood House
Friends of Beechwood House are inviting Christians in the Inverness area to come together and pray for those affected by alcohol problems and the threatened closure of the facility. (Author: Christians Together)

Daviot Church of Scotland
A fall of snow just before Christmas created traffic and logistical problems - not least for the Eurostar Channel Tunnel train service and its passengers. But it also created some lovely scenes. (Author: Daviot Church)

Reality Adventure Works; come and hear how
Reality Adventure Works offers a chance to come and hear of the organisation's work with young people generally and the developments within the Highland area. (Author: Richard Morrison)

VeggieTales: Saint Nicholas
A Story of Joyful Giving! Find out as the Veggies discover the true joy of giving to others -- at Christmas time and throughout the year! (Author: Tracey Paterson)

Bulgarian Publisher to speak in Inverness
Marty Raichinov of BCSU Publishing House in Bulgaria is due to speak in Inverness. An update of the work of Emmaus Trust will also be given. (Author: Emmaus Road Trust)

Jump Family Praise Evening
A special 'Jump' event for the whole family. It would be great to see you and your family come along to Inshes Church and join in a time of praise. (Author: Chris Watt)

Inverness YMCA/CYC: 150 years
You are warmly invited to a special 'birthday' event of thanksgiving for 150 years of Inverness CYC. Speaker: Wilf Urquhart. (Author: Inverness CYC)

Scottish Reformation Society meetings
The Scottish Reformation Society are hosting a series of meetings over the Winter 2009 / Spring 2010 period in Inverness to which all are warmly invited. (Author: Scott Melhuish)

Undersea Party; and alternative to Halloween
CityLife Church in Inverness is holding an exciting 'alternative to Halloween' party at Inverness CYC for younger children with games food and fun. (Author: CityLife Church)

Return visit by Kul Bal; a man with a great heart
Kul Bal is a committed Christian with a ministry of evangelism and healing. He comes from a Sikh/Hindu background and is making a return visit to Inverness. (Author: ICF/Christians Together)

Women's Aglow Inverness - October 2009
Alison Ramsay who has been to Gautemala with Adopt-A-Child is scheduled to speak at this meeting. All ladies most welcome. (Author: Women's Aglow)

Inverness Gideons Annual Meeting
All and any who are interested in the work of the Gideons International (Inverness branch) are warmly invited to the 2009 Annual Meeting (Author: James Wallace)

Bibles for Brazil: SBS Celebration Dinner/Auction
The Scottish Bible Society is to host a Celebration Dinner and Auction for thanksgiving, fellowship and fund-raising for the work in Brazil. (Author: Alasdair Moodie / SBS)

Blythswood Fund-raising Quiz Night
Taking Part - Barn C.of S., Church of God Pentecostal, Castle Street B.C.,Culduthel C.C., Culloden B.C., Dalneigh C.of S., Deephaven Blythswood, Kingsview A.P.C.. (Author: Blythswood)

Release International: the persecuted Church
The Scottish Development Manager for Release International is due to speak in Inverness on her experiences working with the persecuted church around the world. (Author: Christians Together)

The Art of Hearing God
A course on "The art of hearing God" which is described as being "biblically based and aims to help develop greater intimacy with Him." (Author: Kings Fellowship)

Harry Reid speaking on the Reformation
Dr. Harry Reid speaking in Inverness Old High Church on his latest book 'Reformation: The Dangerous Birth of the Modern World.' (Author: Christians Together)

What on earth is happening
A meeting to address some vital questions for the world, our age and the individual with an opportunity to pose questions to the speaker. (Author: Celt St. Evangelical Church)

Inverness Shelter for the Homeless
An update report on the pilot Inverness Shelter for the Homeless project with news of plans for this coming winter. (Author: Vivian Roden)

New NessCafe opening in Inverness
As part of the continuing and exciting growth in Inverness Christian Youth Centre the 'NESSCAFE' is to be launched on 8 June. (Author: Christians Together)

Chit Chat Women's Event
At the next meeting of the Chit Chat women's group, Susan Appleby will be coming along to talk about the work of Wateraid in Madagascar and Traidcraft. (Author: Tracey Paterson)

An Evening with John Blanchard
Author John Blanchard is due to give a talk entitled "Is God past His Sell-by Date?" at Inshes Church Inverness. The meeting was originally scheduled for June last year (Author: Inshes Church)

Easter 2009 - Good Friday Silent Witness
In keeping with the practice over the years there is an opportunity to stand with other believers in Silent Witness in Inverness city centre on Good Friday (Author: Christians Together)

Easter 2009 - Bible Society outreach
The Inverness branch of the Scottish Bible Society are planning a literature outreach on Good Friday in conjunction with the Silent Witness in the city. (Author: Alasdair Moodie)

Passover Meal 2009
You are warmly invited to a Passover (Seder) Meal with Messianic Praise Music and a Passover Presentation. There is no charge and the meal is completely vegetarian (Author: Leo Rose)

How Great is Our God
Those whose churches don't have evening services could be interested in a film being shown at Culduthel Christian Centre - How Great is Our God. (Author: Tracey Paterson)

Inverness Shelter Pilot Report
For a 2-week period in February seven Inveress churches opened their doors to accommodate those in the area who were homeless during that time. (Author: Christians Together)

Chit Chat Women's Event
The Chit Chat meetings offer opportunity for women of the community to meet together, enjoy each others company and be inspired. The Faith Like Potatoes film is based on a true story. (Author: Tracey Paterson)

Happy Hour(s) at the Manna House
The Manna House cafe in Huntly Street, Inverness holds a fortnightly (Thursdays) time of fellowship, singing, prayer and scripture reading. All welcome! (Author: )

Visit by pastor from Israel
Leaders (ministers, elders, prayer and organisation leaders etc.) are invited to indicate an interest in hearing from a pastor from Israel speaking in Inverness (Author: Christians Together)

Hogmanay Ceilidh at Inverness CYC
You are warmly invited to a Hogmanay Ceilidh at the Inverness CYC/YMCA. Take some food and some friends and enjoy an evening together. (Author: Tommie Mackay)

A new church for Beauly
Father and son team Peter and John Wilson are in the process of establishing the Beauly Christian Fellowship as part of the body of Christ in their local area. (Author: Christians Together)

Chit-Chat 'Kitchen gadget' evening
Come and pick up some pre-Christmas ideas at Chit-Chat's "Kitchen Range" evening at Culduthel Christian Centre. This is a 'ticket' event so book now. (Author: Tracey Paterson)

Garth Hewitt in concert
An evening with Garth Hewitt in concert. 'A Word of Difference' with songs about beauty, struggle, joy, laughter, and wonder at Culduthel Christian Centre (Author: Kenny Mackenzie)

Hand in Hand: Heart to Heart seminar
A Hand in Hand/Heart to Heart seminar planned for 3 and 4 October 2008 in the Barn Church Inverness running from Friday evening through Saturday (Author: Margaret Stanfield)

Evening Classes - Old Testament
A course to help you understand the links between the Old Testament story of God's people and the New Testament story of God's revelation in Jesus Christ. (Author: Highland Theological College)

Kirking of the Council re-instated
The centuries-old tradition of 'Kirking the Council' through the streets of Inverness has been reinstated in revitalised form by the new provost of Inverness (Author: Christians Together)

Awaking the Prophetic
A conference at the Barn Church (Inverness) to explore the exercising of the prophetic ministry in the local church led by three international speakers. (Author: Barn Church)

Inverness CYC's new Coffee Bar
You are warmly invited to come and check out the Inverness YMCA/CYC's brand new coffee bar which is open from 7 - 26 July from 12 noon - 5.00pm (Author: Tommie Mackay)

Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?
J. Bryson Arthur who is the director of and a professor at Nazareth Centre for Christian Studies will be speaking (d.v.) on his work in training Arab and Hebrew Christian leaders in Israel. (Author: Martyn Bateman)

Summer Evening Services
A series of summer evening services are due to be held at the Old High Church, Inverness starting with the Church of Scotland moderator (Author: Old High Church)

New youth workers in Inverness
Nate Louden and Ben Peters have joined the ministry team of Inverness Bible Church and to work alongside the body of Christ in Inverness (Author: Leo Rose)

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Day
The Inverness C of S Presbytery ran a Drug and Alcohol Day Conference to look at the issues of substance misuse. Opportunities to listen to speakers and discuss the issues. (Author: Vivian Roden)

Adopt A Child new building
Following the loss by fire of their original premises in Culloden, Adopt A Child's new building has just been opened. (Author: Elsie Normington)

Showing of Amazing Grace
The film Amazing Grace is to receive a showing in the Merkinch Community Centre. A chance to see, or see again; and certainly to pray for the event. (Author: Elsie Normington)

Elaine Duncan (SBS) speaking about Peru
Elaine Duncan, the Chief Executive of the Scottish Bible Society, recently paid a visit to Peru not long after a devastating earthquake hit the country: (Author: Len Cazaly)

Events at the Barn Church and Culloden Centre
Allied to the opening of the new Culloden Battlefield Visitors Centre, the Barn Church have organised two events - Sandy Millar (formerly HTB) and a Songs of Praise at Culloden (Author: Jim Robertson)

Blythswood Care Meeting
Rev Levente Horvath, President and Founder of Bonus Pastor Rehabilitation Centre in Romania to speak on men recovering from addiction. (Author: Issy Freudenthal)

Old High Guest Preachers
Once again the congregation of Old High St Stephen's have invited a series of well-known to Inverness to speak at evening services at the Old High Church. (Author: Peter Nimmo)

Prospects Feast
The Prospects Group in Inverness are having a special "Feast" afternoon which will include Music, Craft, Drama, Songs, Bible Stories (Author: Stef Robertson)

Easter Friday 2008 Bible Society Outreach
The Inverness branch of the Scottish Bible Society held an outreach in the Eastgate Centre and the streets of Inverness on Good Friday (21 March) (Author: Alasdair Moodie)

Film Night: 'Amazing Grace'
The Chit Chat women's group is hosting a Film Night with a screening of 'Amazing Grace' followed by refreshments and fellowship. (Author: Tracey Paterson)

God's ministry to the sorrowing
Following the tragic and untimely death of young Roddy Stewart two services have been held by Inverness Christians who have worked with Roddy and know his family. (Author: )

Tragic loss of a young life
Friday will see both a funeral and memorial service for young Roddy Stewart who was tragically killed as he made his way home in the early hours of Saturday morning (Author: The Editor)

Pastor from Israel and PFI Director
The newly appointed Director of Prayer for Israel and and Herman Haustein - a pastor from Israel - are due to speak at two meetings in the Highlands (Author: )

Churches work for the elderly
Marj Donaldson of Highland Community Care Forum is keen to know what the churches are doing for the senior citizens in the Inverness area (Author: )

Prospects Group 2008
Prospects meetings to supports people with learning disabilities (Author: Stef Robertson)

Chit Chat Women's Group
Partylite - a pre-Christmas evening with candles and a range of Christmas gifts. By women ... for women...inspiring women. Refreshments too! (Author: Tracey Paterson)

Indescribable - the universe
A film that asks the question: "What does the universe say about God?" Free Admission. Classification equivalent to 12A. (Author: )

Veggie Tales
Culduthel Christian Centre presents - Veggie Tales: the Toy that saved Christmas. A short children's film. Free Admission. Refreshments available (Author: )

Inverness YMCA/CYC Children in Need events
Inverness YMCA/CYC are organising two events as part of the annual "Children in Need" appeal. Try your hand at racing an F1 car; or keeping quiet for a while in a sponsored silence. (Author: )

Jump Start Training Event
A training event for 'Jump'- a new creative praise and worship event for children in Inverness and surrounding areas. (Author: Chris Watt)

Gideons Annual Open Meeting
All are cordially invited to this meeting. The speaker is Rev. Bill Wallace and the evening will include musical Items, testimonies and updates (Author: )

YMCA/CYC Sale and Coffee Morning
Come along and support the work amongst young people in the city through the YMCA "CYC" sale and coffee morning (Author: Tommie Mackay)

Scottish Reformation Society Meetings
The new season of meetings for the Inverness Branch of the Scottish Reformation Society is due to begin in October. (Author: Scott Melhuish)

Global Poverty Prayer Week
Tearfund’s Global Poverty Prayer Week pulls together thousands of Christians hungry to hear God and keen to be part of a miracle. (Author: Jonathan Appleby)

Malawi Evening
An evening to hear from a number of local speakers on their experiences working in Malawi. (Author: Len Cazaly)

'Walk Thru the Bible New Testament Seminar'
A day seminar hosted by Inverness Christian Fellowship which opens up the participant's understanding of the Scriptures. (Author: )

Elaine Storkey meeting
Come and hear conference speaker, lecturer and Thought for the Day contributor Dr. Elaine Storkey during the week of prayer for Global Poverty (Author: Jonathan Appleby)

OM Team visiting the Highlands
A multi-media interactive " International Creative Presentation with a Operational Mobilisation Team from Asia/Latin America/OM Ships (Author: Chris Watt)

Layman to moderate Inverness Presbytery
Mr. Willie Weatherspoon is making history in the ecclesiastical circles of Inverness Church of Scotland Presbytery; but not without dissent concerning his "lay" status. (Author: )

Connect Youth Outreach Ministry
A new youth outreach venture in and under the auspices of the Christian Youth Centre and encouraging young people to "Connect" with God (Author: )

Outreach in the Middle East
A meeting to hear how God is working today in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and many other Middle Eastern countries. (Author: Smithton/Culloden Free Church)

Cross-cultural links with Polish Community
A one day course designed to equip the church to reach out to people from the range of cultures now within the Highlands. (Author: )

Former Sikh/Hindu to speak in Inverness
Pastor Kul Bal who is now based in Melbourne, Australia is due to speak in Inverness. He gave up a well-paid job to serve the Lord more fully bringing encouragement, restoration and inner healing to individuals and ministries. (Author: )

Summer Praise at Foyers
Rev. Martyn Bateman has obtained kind permission from the new owner of Foyers Church to hold services throughout July and August. (Author: )

Wycliffe Meeting
A Wycliffe evening conference where Ronnie and Margaret Sim (originally from Inverness) will speak on training Africans for Bible translation in Kenya (Author: )

Israel and the Church
A day conference in Inverness with Barry and Batya Segal of Vision for Israel and Joseph Storehouse. (Author: )

Objections to Culloden church plans
Some concern was recently expressed at a community council meeting regarding the plans for a new Culloden Baptish church building in the Westhill suburb of Inverness. (Author: )

Pentecost Celebrated
Unity in the body was much in evidence in the Smithton/Culloden area on Pentecost Sunday when four local churches came together for a joint service. (Author: )

Love work; live life
Often, we make ourselves feel like second-class Christians because we have 'secular' jobs. We don't think we are serving God as well as if we were doing something 'more spiritual'. (Author: )

TT Fellowship - Freedom from addiction
Inverness Bible Fellowship is pleased to sponsor a new ministry to those struggling with addictions and life-dominating habits. (Author: )

YMCA (Christian Youth Centre) Annual Report
Following a very busy and productive year the Inverness YMCA/CYC had its 2007 Annual General Meeting recently. Read the report here.. (Author: )

Some Highland 2007 Events
A summary of events scheduled to take place in the Old High Church, Inverness as part of the Highland 2007 range of activities (Author: )

Prospects (Highland)
Prospects is a Christian voluntary organisation which values and supports people with learning disabilities (Author: )

SRS June Lecture
Closing Lecture of the Free Church Seminary Speaker: Professor Dr Alan Cairns of the Free Presbyterian Church Greenville South Carolina and the Whitfield Theological Seminary Greenville USA. (Author: )

The Sampson Syndrome
Men's Breakfasts (Author: )

Friends of the Christian Youth Centre (CYC)
A new beginning for the YMCA (Author: )

Engage! training in Inverness
A training course is for individuals involved in Christian youth work in their spare-time, part-time, full-time or year-out. (Author: )

Inverness area home page
Send all correspondence to: editor@christianstogether.net (Author: )

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