Anglican faithful, Arab and Jewish believers

At a unique conference in Jerusalem at the end of June (2008) Bible-believing  leaders from the worldwide Anglican community gathered to affirm their faith in the inspired word of God and their commitment to maintaining biblical order within the Anglican commune  —  especially in the context of retaining Godly standards relating to human sexuality.

Whilst the future will probably look back on this conference as epoch-making in terms of biblical integrity within the global Anglican community (and not just the Anglican community), an equally significant component of the conference saw an Arab and a Jewish believer speaking from the same platform.

So whilst the Global Anglican Future Conference was principally focussed on defending biblical truth and practice within the Anglican commune, it also saw gentile leaders from around the world meeting along with both Israeli and Palestinian church leaders. It would be very easy to under-estimate the significance of these events, yet they surely speak of the true biblical unity that Jesus prayed for in his high-priestly prayer of John 17 and the 'one new man' which Paul wrote of in his letter to the Ephesian church.

Whilst there are obviously serious hurts and concerns on both sides of the Jewish/Arab communities, and some of that hurt is expressed, it is amazing what the Holy Spirit has been doing to bring these sided together on the same platform at the same conference; and to hear of how God spoke to one Jewish leader about his Arab brothers.

Watch for yourself - and be amazed at what God is doing. Scripture tells us that He is not finished yet, but He is most certainly at work in fulfilling His word in our time.
What you will hear is not the distortions of Replacement Theology and Liberation Theology but a biblical Reconciliation Theology.

Ed footnotes:
The first half of the above is a Palestinian Christian speaking; and the second address is from a Messianic Jewish leader.

Many more video recordings of the GAFCON meetings are available on Anglican TV.

Christians Together, 02/07/2008

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