News update from Galya-Jane Greig - Autumn 2008

Ed note: In an earlier update Galya spoke of the difficulties that she was having obtaining a visa extension in Israel. She outlines below a major change in her location and situation.

For a full report with pictures of her recent work in Israel <click here>.


Update from Israel
Autumn 2008

Shalom and warm greetings from Jerusalem!


I just wanted to fill you in on some recent developments with me here in Israel and to share how G-d is leading me at this time.
My current visa expires on Oct 31st and that will be just over 4 years that I have been here with CFI - can you believe it!!! Anyway,we have been having a lot of problems with the Ministry of Interior and they are just refusing and rejecting visas left,right and centre. There was an agreement that volunteers could renew their B4 volunteer visa yearly for up to 5 years but in recent weeks they have changed everything and are saying that 27 months is the maximum that volunteers can be here! So, you have a lot of people (in different organisations) that have been here for less than 5 years, but more than 2 years - and they are all being kicked out. I have been to 8 farewell parties in 2 weeks! Anyway,needless to say.. I will be next.
A couple weeks ago I received an email from close friends in the States (who I met here in Israel 3 years ago). Bill and Claudia Koenig have a Ministry in Washington DC called About Him.
Bill is a White House correspondent and is actually campaigning in the current US elections. They serve Israel by writing articles, campaigning, reporting and travelling and speaking all over the States about what is going on in Israel. Bill has written a book called Eye to Eye which is a fascinating read. [Ed note: The book draws parallel's (linkages) between the US and its leaders, and the actions and attitudes that the country and its leaders adopt concerning Israel.] Anyway, they have invited me to serve in their Ministry and I feel that this is the next step for me. 
I have really been praying and seeking the Lord over this and I really feel that this is what he would have me do at this time. So, I am planning on going over to DC towards the end of November - in time for Thanksgiving! I will have time to rest and enjoy the holidays before starting work. They are being flooded with requests for Bill to speak so I will be responsible for arranging his speaking schedule and I hope to do some writing too.
I will leave Israel just before my visa expires and go to Scotland before going on to USA. I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Scotland again!
So, I will still be serving and working for Israel... just in a different way and different capacity for a few months! In Washington DC!!! Who would have thought??!!!
G-d is amazing!!!!
Again, I am open to returning to CFI but right now my season here is coming to an end. After working in Washington DC I return to South Africa and take it from there. Israel is very much in my heart and has become home in many ways and I do feel that I wil be back in Jerusalem at some point.
For now though I am off to the States to take on the White House!
You can see more about Bill and the work I will be involved in here:
So, that's my personal news! I hope you are all keeping well and for those of you in the States - I hope we can meet up there!!!

Blessings from Jerusalem,

"You made Israel your people forever, and you, O Lord, became their G-d." (II Samuel 7:24)


Galya-Jane Greig is working in Jerusalem with CFI. She comes originally from South Africa but her family live in the Highlands.

Galya-Jane Greig, 05/10/2008

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