Where to the church in 2022?

Following two years which have seen the Christian church neutered and muzzled what will be the response by the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ in 2022?


"When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?"

Luke 18:8
TV broadcast of Christmas Day Service 2021
Muzzled Christianity The image on the right was taken from a TV broadcast service on Christmas Day, 2021. It shows a muzzled congregation gathered in Coventry Cathedral.

Since early 2020 Christians up and down the country have despaired as they have seen church leaders and denominations meekly submit to every whim and directive of governments that are either blind to or fully compliant with a globalist agenda; one which goes far and away beyond a manufactured health crisis which has been utilised by a very powerful cabal to achieve its globalist aims.

Covid is the occasion; vaccines are the means; power and control are the ultimate goals.

While thousands of medical doctors, scientists and lawyers around the world have been exposing the biggest crime against humanity that the world has ever experienced, here in the UK doctors, politicians, the media and church leaders have - with very few notable exceptions - promoted or totally submitted themselves to an agenda of universal vaccination; right down to the youngest of children. Silence is complicity; complicity is criminal.

Most recently a church leader from Aberdeen has spoken out strongly while an NHS consultant has also bravely confronted the medical establishment.
However it has taken a financial analyst to expose the true and ultimate agenda of the globalist elite which are scheduled to meet again in Davos in early summer 2022.

Below is an 8-min. extract of a longer interview where the speaker lays bare the globalist's aims
(with a very short appended challenge)

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Click on image below for Robert F. Kennedy's critical 2022 message (2.5mins)

RFK 2022 message

The question is before us: "Will the Christian church , in 2022, bow down to Caesar or follow the commands of God in and through Christ Jesus as Lord?

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