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Visit to Inverness by American Operation Mobilisation team

from Wesleyan School in Georgia

Saturday,  5 April - Friday, 12 April 2008

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See Team Timetable for the week.

And Team Contact Information (for logged-on team members).

OM Wesleyan School Group
Wesleyan Pupils who will be visiting Inverness

Wesleyan School, Norcross, Gwinnett County, Georgia

 In prospect is a visit to Inverness city by a (mixed) group of 19 teenagers from Wesleyan School , Georgia , USA from Saturday, 5  April through to Friday 12, 2008.

The young people will be accompanied by four team leaders (two male, two female) travelling from America with them. OM staff will include Meagan Manning (Wesleyan School) Denise Healey (OM USA), Brent and Carol Ann Greiner, Stefan Schenkel, Luzia Wolton, and Doug Ambrose ( all of OM Lifehope) as well as Sharon Rose (OM Scotland) who will be in Inverness for part of the week.

See "Team Leaders Contact" information.

The team will fly into Glasgow on Saturday 5, April; and travel up to Inverness in 2 OM minibuses which will be available to them during the week.

Brent and Sharon visited Inverness on 13/14 November to meet and discuss the preliminary arrangements with local  Christians from several churches and youth organisations.

The following is a "bullet point" summary of these discussions.

* focus will be on youth and children (both churched and non churched)
* There will be a block of time for sight-seeing which we will arrange
* Some of the activities will be
        + a prayer walk in Inverness
        +  we will provide some cultural training and orientation
        +  we will plan in some daily time for worship, Bible input and "team time"
        +  some school visits (for assemblies and RE lessons)
         + will be working with several different churches and youth ministries throughout the                     week
        + some street work with youth
Main focus of week will be a 2 hour youth event on Friday
evening, April 11
        + hosted by the Inverness YMCA
        + youth from all across the city come together as "main event"
        + your team will have the full 2 hours and can includeanything.

Some ideas are:

  + cultural stuff from USA
  +  testimonies
  + music/dance
  + games / quiz
  + dramas
  + gospel presentation
   + any other ideas

o Attending an OM prayer evening (fits in with our monthly OM Prayer Emphasis day)

*  A "Chaplain" is to be available for the week for
the team. He is Drew Kuzma of Youth Inclusive. Drew will lead the morning devotions and be availabe with the rest of the Inverness team to support, pray for the team members during the week
* Aiming to connect the team members from Weslyan school with individual teens in Inverness before the mission trip. The purpose for this is to develop relationships with and pray for the team before it arrives. 
Would want to develop a "buddy system" where at
least one Inverness teen becomes partnered up with each of your teens.

Progress - see Team Timetable

Sunday  (5th) evening will be the "Official Welcome" (hosted by Hilton Parish Church)
Monday (7th) evening - a Prayer Walk around the city led by Ernie Gibson (Pray for Scotland)
Friday (11th) main "pan-city" youth event at YMCA (see above)

George Barnie has offered to arrange visits to secondary schools (Inverness and around)

Visits to particular youth groups and churches are being arranged.
Some sight-seeing to Loch Ness and a boat trip (weather permitting) is part of the programme.
A different "host church" for each night of the visit to provide a main meal for the team
"Cultural/historical stuff"  from Inverness/the Highlands/Scotland

Inverness and Area "Links page" for Wesleyan team

Team Timetable (in development)

Team and Contact Information


Wesleyan high
Green arrow indicates
Norcross, Gwinnet County, Georgia USA

Wesleyan School from the air
Wesleyan low

Go to the "scratchpad" to add any comments, ideas, thoughts, suggestions, offers (from either side of the pond).

Team at Loch Ness
Great to have met you all!
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First day in Inverness
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Christians Together
Wesleyan School team from Georgia arrive
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Christians Together
Sharon Rose
Inverness Prayer Night
Programme for the Inverness Prayer Night on Thursday, 10th April. This has been put together by Sharon Rose More ...
Sharon Rose
Dornoch Academy
Schools visits timetable
Schedule of visits to schools during the week of the Wesleyan school visit. The programme has been arranged by George Barnie. More ...
George Barnie
Team Timetable - Saturday 5 - Saturday 12
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Inverness and North Kessock
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