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Barak Obama
President of USA

“We only get one planet. There is no Plan B.”
The Word of God says:

"Then I saw "a new heaven and a new earth," for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away....". Rev. 21:1
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The latest 'Editor's update' is now available. In June 2016 we look at some of the major trends in our conflicted and complex world.
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An online discussion on one the most powerful and destructive anti-God spirits which manifested historically and through to the present day.
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The EU - the nature of the beast?
The European Union can be analysed and debated from a variety of different perspectives - political, historical, cultural, economic. But it is only from a spiritual perspective that it can be truly understood. More ...
Vladimir Bukovsky
The EU; a history of our future
A former Russian dissident and political prisoner speaks candidly of his past experience and his perception of what is happening in Europe. More ...
Vladimir Bukovsky
Copts in Egypt
Christians Face Persecution and Extinction in Islamic Lands
With the rise of violent Islamic regimes, Clare M. Lopez writes on the dire situation facing followers of Christ across the Middle East and North Africa. More ...
Clare M. Lopez
Paul-Henri Spaak
EU architect would welcome God or the Devil.
A former Belgian Prime Minister who was one of the founding fathers of the European Union spoke 'prophetically' into the current climate surrounding the EU and the economic chaos. The prospect is chillingly real. More ...
Christians Together
Geert Wilders
When the lights go out in Europe
In 2008 Geert Wilders, the controversial Dutch politician, businessman and film-maker recently gave a speech in New York highlighting the dangers to Europe posed by Islam. More ...
Alex Buchanan
Prophesy from Alex Buchanan
Alex Buchanan was, while in active ministry, a pastor, author, teacher and pastor to pastors in the UK and beyond. He gave out this prophesy in July 1975 while working with Leeds City Mission. More ...
Alex Buchanan
Muzzled by Fear
In a society which is becoming increasingly hostile to Christianity, preachers and believers in general are discovering that it can be costly to speak out; and accordingly safer to remain silent. More ...
The Editor
Potiphars Wife
Potiphar's wife lives on
A recent case raises the question of men being vulnerable to accusations which may have no basis in fact. More ...
Christians Together
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Kundalini spirits in the church?
Wed 15 Jun, 2:39pm
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