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Latest articles

Berlin fears Court's threat to European Union
Back channel discussions reveal the extent to which Angela Merkel fears that the German's constitution could threaten her position and the Eurozone's future (Author: Marc Lanthemann/Stratfor)

What is going on and why?
In times of tragedy the same questions arise. "Who was at fault and why has this happened?" (Author: The Editor)

The Fall of Damascus
With the current high levels of instability in the Arab nations, (former Jerusalem-based) journalist David Dolan examines the situation in the light of Isaiah's prophecy concerning the destruction of Damascus. (Author: David Dolan)

An 'exchange of views' on the Pre-trib rapture
During the 'QnA' session with Tony Higton on endtime events Donald Cameron responded at length with rebuttals to Tony's writings to which Tony has replied. (Author: Donald Cameron / Tony Higton)

Deception in a Dumbed-down environment
Our fast-food culture could be robbing Christian believers of the ability to discern between truth and error. (Author: The Editor)

Latest forum posts

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Pro-Children Pro-Marriage campaign attacked - Sinner (Guest) (23/04/2014 12:09:06)

Community interest in Mission Hall - Anne Thomas (Guest) (15/04/2014 11:12:56)

Baptist church under seige in Bethlehem - Eileen (Guest) (11/04/2014 20:06:27)

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