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'Sunday/Sabbath' in New Testament Times
Peter Carr asked (with reference to an article on Sunday sailings to Lewis:

"Ed, is it possible to have a debate/discussion running alongside this with regards to the Sabbatarian approach? I for one am confused as to the biblical arguement on this one! So, some clarity and balance from God's word would be welcome."

And Eddie Hallahan added -
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I think part of the trouble is that most of the anti-sundayferry lobby are basing most of their arguments on flawed assumptions.

Firstly the whole Sabbath issue - if they want to keep the Sabbath holy then they should be doing it from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset - that would be the biblical route.

Secondly the whole 'way of life' issue - the simple fact of the matter is that the traditional way of life died out years ago - crofting is gone, what we have now is fenced in fields for rotating herds of sheep through in order to maintain grants. The Harris Tweed is pretty well established and being a second income rather than a primary one. All the pubs in Stornoway are open on a Sunday as is one of the garages.

I think that what the anti debate is demonstrating more than anything else is a love of traditions and institutions rather than the dynamic lifestyle that comes from God.

I also personally find it dubious that I pay council tax towards services that I can only access 6 days of the week whereas the islanders in the Uists, who are part of the same council and pay the same taxes, get their facilities seven days a week.

I will quite happily join in the keep sunday special clamourings if it means I get a seventh knocked off my council tax - but that ain't going to happen.

I also feel strongly that the Church itself is being hampered by an irrational zealotry regarding the whole Sunday/Sabbath issue. Considering that many congregations in these islands is already doing a fine job of immunising people against the gospel with their hellfire and damnation ways it hardly needs extra effort to show how out of touch certain congregations are with both God and the people we are supposed to serve.

I think if more of the Christians in Lewis focused on the beam in their own eyes rather than the speck in the potential ferry-goers eyes then we might see more of Christ in the islands and less of Calvin.

As to the economic issues - it's pretty simple seven days a week ferries would only improve the economic situation.
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Let the discussion continue................
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Peter Carr 18/06/2009 16:17
Thank you Eddie (and Ed), I am now looking forward to hearing from other sides of the arguement, so that I can draw my own conclusions.

Although I have to confess that my understanding of the debate is more in line with the one that you have presented here Eddie. The reason I state this is becuase of the incident with Jesus going through the fields of corn with his disciples on the Sabbath and the converstaion with the Pharisees that ensued! Can anyone from the 'other side' of the debate throw some light on this?
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