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Peter Carr 15/02/2012 16:11
Hmmm! So, it was made popular by a sinner who is in need of God's Grace. Another good reason why we need the herd of elephants dealt with so that we can get on with the business at hand - Matt 28: 18 - 20 !!!
Peter Carr 15/02/2012 21:03

Welcome to the debate, would you like to expand please on what you mean?

Thanks :-)
Pawlo (Guest) 16/02/2012 11:28
I will Peter,

This site is full of 'elephants' that the church just can't face dealing with. The Westminster Confession issues, sexuality issues, kundalini and it's unfortunate residue (which is far more broad reaching than most realise)

There is barely a church in the UK that is not suffering under one or more of just these 3 issues, but the list is much more expansive!

My opening comment is not why the churches don't want to tackle these issues, it's more these churches ARE the issues. They are not really following scripture and are only biblical in their blunder!

Whilst replacmentism reigns the churches water drains.
Peter Carr 16/02/2012 14:52
Well Pawlo, you have certainly opened up the debate to include the wider church. If you don't mind, I feel that I have enough to cope with at a local level without fighting bigger battles!!
Editor 16/02/2012 15:37
A retired minister said to me that there are three (and there may well be more) that preachers are very reluctant (or even desist) to preach on because of the trouble it causes.

I will be asking site members for 'answers on a postcard please' shortly,and any thoughts from others on what these might be meanwhile, please feel free to post.

As a 'clue' the issues do NOT relate to water or spirit baptism, spiritual gifts (including tongues and prophecy), the fact or timing of the rapture, pre-destination v arminianis or any of the other old chestnuts.
John Miller 16/02/2012 15:47
Someone once said that the quickest way to get rid of ignorance is to give it an airing, so here goes! What is kundalini? In answer to the Ed's last post, my three subjects would be the truth of Christ's physical resurrection, the second coming of Christ (sorry, NOT an "old chestnut" but a glorious prospect for all believers) and the Great White Throne and its implcations, eg Hell.
Editor 16/02/2012 16:14
John, Kundalini is a mystic 'serpent' spirit-power manifest as a a coiled-up snake which can be 'raised' using Yoga meditation and postures from its dormant position at the base of the spine through 'chakra' waytpoints; ending up at the 'Crown' shakra (in the brain) where it impacts with explosive force.

It is no imaginary thing. Some claim to have witnessed the spirit manifestly at work in Christian gatherings.

For futher info see article on CT website -
John Miller 16/02/2012 16:49
Sounds like a lot of mumbo-jumbo to me, but there is a very active Satanist/pagan worship movement down here in Fife. I know of one prominent member who is active in our village and others round about. (Eph.6:12)
Peter Carr 16/02/2012 16:52
John, just google the name Todd Bentley if you want to see the mumbo-jumbo up close and real!!
Pawlo (Guest) 16/02/2012 18:36
I'd say that in the majority of UK churches, including local ones, you can't really preach on sin, eternal damnation and the jewishness of Christ, and that's just for starters.

Kundalini in the church is not the problem, it's the result of it. There is an equally wicked spirit at work in most Scottish churches, so don't think that just because you don't see this in your church that you are ok or that there is less of a problem. The most wicked things have the greater disguise!
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