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Need help finding a vehicle to buy please.
I realise this is a big ask, but am a born again believer who is the sole earner and have a family of 4 young children... My car is destined for the scrapyard as is going to cost too much for M.O.T repair; is there anyone who can help me find, or offer to sell me a vehicle very cheaply? Style/age unimportant, so long as it is reliable and very cheap! (hundreds of pounds, not thousands!). Don't mind doing plumbing, gardening or labouring to offset the value of car. I live near Huntly, thanks for reading.
Richard Elm 18/02/2012 16:27 Write a reply

Editor 20/02/2012 20:07
Please pray and consider whether - as part of the family of God - you may be able to help this brother in his situation.

If you are changing your car it is often the case - depending on the car's age - that you will get next to nothing for the trade in.

Note: I hope to have shortly an article on the subject of 'caring for one another' within the body of Christ, so please reserve any comments you may have on the topic until then.

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Richard Elm 21/02/2012 07:03
Blessings to you editor, thank you for your support.
I continue to pray and remember that our Lord is El Shaddai- if I have true need, he will provide :)

Rosemary Cameron 24/02/2012 22:18
I pray that God will provide you with a suitable car Richard. He has always provided me with one, including a 13 year old cortina at one point, which amazingly kept going for 18 months!
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