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With the current high levels of instability in the Arab nations, (former Jerusalem-based) journalist David Dolan examines the situation in the light of Isaiah's prophecy concerning the destruction of Damascus.
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In times of tragedy the same questions arise. "Who was at fault and why has this happened?"
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Trib views
An 'exchange of views' on the Pre-trib rapture
During the 'QnA' session with Tony Higton on endtime events Donald Cameron responded at length with rebuttals to Tony's writings to which Tony has replied. More ...
Donald Cameron / Tony Higton
Deception in a Dumbed-down environment
Our fast-food culture could be robbing Christian believers of the ability to discern between truth and error. More ...
The Editor
Taste of Israel
'Taste of Israel' Conference
A short video giving a flavour of the conference which featured a Messianic pastor from Israel alongside seminars, displays and workshops. More ...
Yachad Scotland
Loss of the Ukraine: Russia examines its options
If Russia loses Belarus or Ukraine, it loses its strategic depth, which accounts for much of its ability to defend the Russian heartland. More ...
George Friedman / Stratfor
Ukraine 2014
Ukraine and the 'Little Cold War'
Stratfor quotes from some of George Friedman's earlier writings regarding Ukraine, and Russia's strategic strengths, chronic insecurities and recovering military might. More ...
Toronto Blessing
Of the Spirit or not?
During his lifetime Derek Prince wrote on the subject of phenomena in the church and the need for discernment under the title: 'Uproar in the church'. More ...
Derek Prince
Turkey etc
Where Catholicism, Islam and Orthodoxy meet
George Friedman looks at the geo-politics of a region which - like the Balklans - is at important religious and political crossroads; and could, like the Balkans, become combustible. More ...
Will there be a sudden, secret Rapture?
A highly-influential interpretation of Scripture evolved in the mid 19th century teaching that believers will –without warning – be removed from the earth prior to Jesus return. But is it scriptural? More ...
Tony Higton
Sound Doctrine for the Remnant; a resource for believers
A free 'Christian library' resource offering teaching material on DVDs and CDs. The ministry aim is to strengthen 'the Remnant' in the days in which we live. More ...
Christians Together
Ukraine Turns From Revolution to Recovery
Stratfor's George Friedman asks whether the Ukraine will unite, and even if it does will that unity hold? More ...
Who I am in Christ
When our world is shaken or challenged we need to be sure of where our security and identity lie. More ...
Music in praise and worship
Church services, praise and worship? The contemporary scene. More ...
God help us
In times of calamity we cannot create a 'revival recipe', but only pray into the Lord's will. More ...
Storms over Britain: who is to blame?
What we are not hearing from God's Word
Is the church heading underground?
A Word for Great Britain
What to look for in a church
Peter made the connection: we must do the same
Women bishops; and the art of completely missing the pointThis article has associated audio
The Co-op, the Methodist Church, Israel and God
Christian Survival Resource
Christians are being robbed of their faith
Study Bibles: danger handle with care!
Christian Life
When was Jesus born?
Dreams and Visions today: a story or three
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Psychologist warns of loss of traditional values
Children over-exposed to graphic sexual imagery
Bishop tackles Sharia Law
Demand for Bibles in China outstripping supply
Christianity under attack in the UK
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