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“I do not have any guilty pleasures. I do not feel guilty about anything at all.”
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"There is no-one righteous, not even one; for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God".
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An update which highlights the situation in and facing the USA with relation to the nation's adverse standing regarding current attitudes to Israel and the Word of God.
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Graham Kendrick's song has a fresh prophetic edge as we head into a very important General Election
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National prayer
Thy Will be done on Earth...
Prior to the 2014 Referendum there was an uncertainty amongst intercessors in knowing how to pray. With the general election looming, it’s not much different now. More ...
Christians Together
Aonghas I Macdonald
Double-speak when clarity is vital
In the continuing and spiritually debilitating saga of the Church of Scotland’s view on human sexuality ‘evangelical’ Kirk leaders continue to sound a confused note. More ...
Christians Together
Israel Prayer Week1
Israel Prayer Week at Ellel Scotland: May 2015This article has associated video
For over a decade Ellel Ministries Scotland has hosted an Intercessors for Israel week of teaching and prayer led by messianic leaders from Israel. More ...
Ellel Ministries Scotland
Netanyahu - Obama
Israel/U.S. relationships under stress
Netanyahu's speech to the American Congress on Iran's nuclear programme has upset President Obama. More ...
3 Crises1
The Intersection of Three Crises
Stratfor suggests that the issues of the Eurozone, Ukraine and Iran are inextricably linked in determining the next geopolitical flare up. More ...
Reva Bhalia
Vladimir Bukovsky
The EU; a history of our future
A former Russian dissident and political prisoner speaks candidly of his past experience and his perception of what is happening in Europe. More ...
Vladimir Bukovsky
The Shaking
Fran Steinke has supplied the following concerning a 'shaking' which she felt the Lord speaking to her about at a 'prophetic' conference in mid-October 2014 More ...
Fran Steinke
muslim at prayer
Visions and Dreams awakening Muslims
A missionary who was skeptical about reports of God speaking to Muslims in supernatural ways is now planning to publish a book on amazing stories about how Muslims are coming to faith through dreams and visions. More ...
Christianity Today
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The Holy Spirit was convicting me of my sin
Sat 21 Mar, 9:31pm
Thy Will be done on Earth...
Mon 16 Mar, 8:28am
An interview with Asia Bibi facing death penalty
Sun 15 Mar, 1:25pm
Church planting amongst Muslim communities

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Church planting amongst Muslim communities
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