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David Masson cropped
A life well lived: a race well run
Just before Christmas 2014 David Masson, completed his earthly course and was ushered into the nearer presence of the Lord. More ...
Colin Wilson
Church and State1
Theonomy: the Church ruling in the World!
The question of Church/State relationships continues to run while some groupings have aspirations of Christian predominance in a secular world. More ...
Christians Together
Who I am
Who I am in Christ
When our world is shaken or challenged we need to be sure of where our security and identity lie. More ...
The Editor
Music in praise and worship
God help us
Women bishops; and the art of completely missing the pointThis article has associated audio
When was Jesus born?
Dreams and Visions today: a story or three
Ugandan Pastor; attacked but not silenced
Covenant Theology and Dispensationalism
The Role of Women in the Body of Christ
The 20th Century: unique in the history of man
A Church in ruins
Presbyterianism - Scottish style
Homecall of Rev. Howard Taylor
Rescued into True Freedom
No Room at the Inn
Gun-toting gambler and a new role of the dice
The Archbishop and the Choirmaster
Stained Glass Radio Programmes
Has Christianity Become Intolerable?
Garth Hewitt; the Flip Side of a 'troubadour'
The evils of our age
Communion taken on first moon landing
Islamic totalitarianism v Christian freedom
Eric Liddell; Olympic hero and man of conviction
Crossless Christianity and power-seeking
Passover in Web 2.0
Student Study Bible (ESV version)
Rev. Canon Martyn H. Bateman: a tribute
Baptist church under seige in Bethlehem
Church growth: 1st, 20th and 21st centuries
Another presbyterian church: bring it on!
Theology through the ages.
Church splits; and a call to look to Christ
The Westminster Confession: a critique
Title fetishes: Your Holy Highness
Pastors and Prophets; roles in conflict
11/11/11 WWII veteran still fighting
Does God call all his children to ministry? You bet!
Where the KJV has got it wrong...
Unforgiveness: an entry point for the demonic
What keeps Christians apart?
So what are the secondary issues?
Barrister defends Christians in courts
Amazing Grace; the 'sweet sound' touched a soul.
Sexuality and Women Bishops - a Reform view
Uncovering the 'Covering Doctrine'
Get into The Ark
Tithing: OT biblical principle and NT legalism
What is worship anyway?
Busyness, priorities and stress reduction
Ted Haggard looking for restoration
Are we experiencing the 'rod of His anger'?
Blogging: a subtle appeal to human pride?
The Word is not enough.
The Bible in One Year 2011
Six 'megathemes' for the church: a review of 2010
Technology in the church: a good thing?
Revelation TV puts Highlands on the map
Sweeping it under the carpet
Collected responses to Free Church statement
A synopis of the Free Church debate on worship
Are denominations dying gods?
Can a Christian be demon-possessed?
Indian church on Christians Together
Kingdom or Empire building: that is the question
From violence and crime to a life of compassion
The Pope and the RC church are unique
Scotland 1560: quite a summer so far
What's on the spiritual radar screen?
Rescued from the demonic
Cardiologist's prayer raises man from the dead
The Miracle of Dunkirk: 70 years on
From Eden to Kingdom Come
Christians' livelihoods under threat
Lead us not into temptation. Please.
Revivals in the Highlands: Part 4
Revivals in the Highlands: Part 3
The Times of the Signs
The spiritual condition of the United States
Revivals in the Highlands: Part 2
Where do our doctrines come from?
A Covenant-keeping God
Teacher sacked for speaking of her faith
Evolution: blind faith and bogus science
Chinese pastor jailed on far-fetched charge
Prosperity Gospel invades the church
R U 2 bi C 2?
Suffering Church Sunday - November 2009
Danger! Peace and Unity ahead!
Revivals in the Highlands: Part 1This article has associated audio
A Warning from Wick
The Blindness of Revelation
Seer Training: Christian or mysticism
Healing Meetings with John Mellor
Drilling down on Christian issues
Loneliness leads leader to the lost
Pubs 'n' Boats 'n' Planes 'n' Sundays
An open letter at a difficult time
Susan and Joanna: enacted parables for our age
The Primacy of the Local Church - an oft-subverted truth
Fellowship of Confessing Churches
Where to the presbyterian church in Scotland?
Rick Warren on the ropes
40 years on
Megachurch meltdown?
Night Church
South Africa, Mighty Men and Revival
Obituary for an Old Friend
Churchgoing not in decline, says Tearfund
Search for Alison on iPlayer
The Kirk on dangerous ground
Christianity and Other Ways to God
Employee or servant of God?
The Westminster Confession: past help, present hindrance?
The Transit Camp
Little Red Riding Hood and PC
Micah Sunday - prophetic challenge or cop-out?
Christians under pressure
Letter from Muslim leaders to the Pope
Christians apologise for praying during Ramadan
An Age of Hunger - lessons from recent events
Crises in church and nation
The Shaping of Things to Come
Prepare for difficult times
Son of Hamas leader comes to Christ
Christian preachers face arrest in Birmingham
Organic Church
Church Life