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Open meeting to consider Christian school
A group of Christians from churches in the Inverness area have been meeting with a view to seeing a Christian school established. (Author: Rebecca Tidey/Christians Together)

Christian school group need project worker
The Inverness-based Christian Education Support Group are looking for a project worker/researcher to further the work of setting up a Christian school. (Author: Christian Education Support Group)

Christian Education Support Group and Library
Christian Education Support Group meetings and a library are open to those interested. See details of next meetings in November and December. (Author: Rebecca Tidey/Christians Together)

Liberal party and faith schools
Ekklesia, a self-styled 'religious think-tank' has backed Lib-Dem proposals to oblige faith schools to operate open admission policies and teach on other faiths. (Author: Christians Together)

Keeping Faith in Schools
CARE For Scotland has produced a DVD showing how the Christian community is providing, a positive input the life of our local schools and seeing it as a vital service. (Author: Christians Together)

School children, condoms and pregnancy tests
Recommendations are being made to local authorities and health boards that pupils as young as 13, be given access in schools to condoms and pregnancy tests. (Author: Christians Together)

Home-schooling Get-Togethers
The Highland Christian Schools Trust has organised a monthly Get-Together for home-schooling families at the Inverness YMCA/CYC (Author: CT)

Highland Christian Schools Trust Library
The HCST has a lending library of over 1,500 items and hope to move the library to the CYC in the summer of 2008 (Author: CT)

Hamilton College - and independent school
An interview with Mr. John Gamble of Hamilton College - an independent Christian school on the south east of Glasgow. (Author: )

Schools Prayer Network
The Schools Prayer Network (Scotland) exists to promote prayer for every school in Scotland. The aim is to see groups committed to regular prayer throughout the year. (Author: )

Keeping Faith in Schools
CARE Scotland is doing a roadshow to help parents be informed on all the changes taking place in relation to contact with schools. One of the venues is in Inverness (Author: )

Schools and Parental Involvement
As of 1st August 2007, school boards have been replaced by parent councils and parent forums as the means by which parents can be involved with schools. (Author: )

Christians going off to university
Pray for Christian univesity students that they will be able to hold fast to their faith. (Author: )

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