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From IFB Dec. 2007 Prayer and Bible Week

Bawtry HallThe following is offered for testing under the Lord. It is a word delivered at the Intercessors for Britain (IFB) Prayer and Bible Week at Bawtry Hall Christian Conference Centre (outside Doncaster) in December 2007.
It has been published in the Sword magazine,  prefaced as follows by Sword's editor David Andrew. Stewart Dool is the director of IFB.


Prophecy is given to build up the church. Our God is a communicator. Through close fellowship with Him, we not only have His unchanging Word in the Bible, but we can also be like the men of lsachaar, who ‘understood the times and knew what Israel should do’. Prophecy is God’s word for now. Please test this in your hearts and local fellowships, we commend this message from Stewart Dool as being consistent with Scripture and with our own ‘hearing’ of the Lord for our day -— Ed


Given in the midst of prayer at Bawtry Hall — IFB Prayer and Bible Week
Monday morning 31 December 2007, 12.30pm (approx.)

Precious ones: I am giving heed to your pleas. I am not unmindful of the groanings of your hearts but I say to you that the darkness will yet increase in your nation, for the time is not yet for Me to move. I am indeed seeking the prayers of My people. I desire earnestly that My people would come before Me with intercession and petitions, so it is pleasing in My sight that you pray thus.

Great alarm will spread in your nation. Darkness will increase and there will be trouble on every hand. I forewarn you to be ready for that day. I am not yet ready to visit My church. I will do so but not yet at this time, for when the alarm begins to spread in the nation it will also be in My church and I will arise to waken My sleeping people. In that day be you ready for I will give opportunity for the spreading of My Word once more. In that day you must put away fear. You must prepare even now, so that the day does not catch you unawares and you are found asleep.

Therefore, I counsel you to seek Me earnestly, but not to give up praying even though I forewarn you now that the time is not yet. Let your prayers indeed be intensified that I may respond accordingly.

My beloved ones, take courage! Do not fear what is about to come for great will be the darkness and that will give rise to much distress and alarm. Many will ask one another: ‘What is to be done?’What will happen to us?’ In that day you must be ready to speak and to act.

Therefore begin to pray and begin to prepare for these things even now.

Do not delay, for I will come in that day and you will know Me afresh and I will grant an enabling by My Spirit that none of you have yet known. For My power is ever the same. You have yet to enter into the fullness of all that I will do in your midst. Yet, there will be trials and will be difficulties and will be persecution of My people.